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IRS Form 1099 refers to the type of information return. Basically you have to report the information from a 1099 on your tax return. It is the most important form to your tax return. The form 1099 is matched to your Social Security number, so the IRS can easily prepare a tax bill in case you are unable to report. Also you are guaranteed an audit or tax notice in case you fail to report a Form 1099. The filing date for form 1099 has been changed by IRS and it is six years to audit by IRS instead of three years. User can also check How to Electronically File and Pay Payroll Taxes in QuickBooks .

Different types of 1099 forms, reporting requirements and due dates

We had posted step by step instruction for QuickBooks 1099 Form Filing .

Form Type Form Description Reporting Requirement Receive By
1099-A Acquisition or Abandonment of Secured Property Any amount January 31
1099-B Proceeds From Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions Any amount February 15
1099-C Cancelation of Debt $600 January 31
1099-CAP Changes in Corporate Control and Capital Structure $100 million January 31
1099-DIV Dividends and Distributions $10 January 31
1099-G Certain Government Payments $10 January 31
1099-H Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) Advance Payments Any amount January 31
1099-INT Interest Income $10 January 31
1099-K Merchant Card and Third Party Network Payments $20,000 January 31
1099-LTC Long-Term Care and Accelerated Death Benefits Any amount January 31
1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income $600 for non-employee compensation


January 31
1099-OID Original Issue Discount $10 January 31
1099-PATR Taxable Distributions Received From Cooperatives $10


January 31
1099-Q Payments From Qualified Education Programs Any amount January 31
1099-R Distributions From Pensions, Annuities, Retirement or Profit-Sharing Plans, IRAs, Insurance Contracts, etc. $10 January 31
1099-S Proceeds From Real Estate Transactions $600 January 31
1099-SA Distributions From an HSA, Archer MSA, or Medicare Advantage MSA Any amount January 31
RRB-1099 Railroad Retirement Board Statement Any amount January 31
SSA- 1099 Social Security Benefit Statement Any amount January 31

1099-MISC Deadline (1099-MISC Due Dates) for 2019 / 2018

File Copy A of the 1099-MISC form with the IRS by February 28, 2019.

When you file 1099 form electronically, the due date is April 2, 2019. For e-filing you need to have software that creates a file according to the specifications in Pub. 1220.

Below Is Table Which Clear all doubts related to 1099 Form Due Dates

Form Due to Recipients Filing to IRS By Mail E-Filing to IRS
1099-MISC (NEC Only *) January 31, 2019 January 31, 2019 January 31, 2019
1099-DIV January 31, 2019 February 28, 2019 April 01, 2019
1099-INT January 31, 2019 February 28, 2019 April 01, 2019
1099-R January 31, 2019 February 28, 2019 April 01, 2019

1099-MISC NEC : Its refers to non-employee compensation (NEC) in box 7 1099 form which is mandatory for according to The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015 . User have to submit 1099 NEC before 31 January . For the non NEC 1099 user have to file separately .

Copies of 1099 Form

The user must have to understand all about 1099 form copies which should be sent to IRS, Which should be remain with Employee or employer .

Copy A— Must have to Sent to IRS electronically
Copy B— This Copy Will Be Go to Recipient Or Vendor Via Email Or any mode , For Vendor Record Purpose Only , Employer/ Company can download & Print this Copy from QB
Copy C— Employer/Company can keep this copy for their own records
Copy 1— This Will Be go to State Tax Agency
Copy 2—Employer/Company have to send this copy to vendor or contractor , the recipient can use this copy during state tax form filling

1099 Late Payments Penalties

What Penalty you have to bear for no filing or incorrect filing?
$75,000 per year – maximum Penalty
If you run a small business – $25,000

Besides that if missed the deadlines for 1099 fillings below are the rate of penalties

1] If Delayed more than 30 days , the penalty is $50 per form ($547,000 max)
2] If delayed more than 30 days but before August 1st, 2019 the penalty is $100 per form ($1,641,000 max)
3] If going to submit / efile after August 1st, 2019 the penalty is $270 per form ($3,282,500 max)
4] In case IRS identified that company intentionally not file 1099 than penalty will be $530 per form

Help & Support for 1099-MISC Form Filing in QuickBooks Payroll

The penalty if you fail to file electronically and you do not have an approved waiver, the penalty of $50 per return for failure to file electronically until and unless you have a valid reason.
For more details on this you can contact QuickBooks Payroll Support Number or alternatively call to QBPayroll.help. This is one of the top QuickBooks Consulting companies hiring experienced professionals who will provide you all the detailed information for your queries. Call to the toll free number Call QB Payroll Support 1844 827 3817 24*7 and fetch best QuickBooks support services.

FAQ Related to 1099 Form

[ Q.1 ] What Are 1099 Date Deadlines ?
Ans : Refer the table above to find out which 1099 form you are going to e-file .
[ Q.2 ] What Is 1099 Date To Receive ?
Ans :31 January 2019 for all 1099 Forms

[ Q.3 ] What Are Due Date For 1099-Misc 2019 ?
Ans . 31 January is Due date for 1099-Misc .

[ Q.4 ] What Is Corrected 1099 Deadline ?
Ans : Please note corrected 1099 forms will be treated as 1099 non-filled yet, or fresh 1099, that’s why penalties applicable for late filled 1099 after correction.

[ Q.5 ] What Are The Penalty For Sending 1099 Late To Recipient ?
Ans : Its depends , it will be $50 or more , connect with QBPayrollHelp team for more information .

[ Q.6 ] What Are Date 1099 Must Be Mailed ?
Ans : Its 31-Jan-2019, Last Date To Mail 1099

[ Q.7 ] What Is Date 1099 Due From Employer ?
Ans : Its 31-Jan-2019

[ Q.8 ] What Are Last Date To File 1099 To IRS ?
Ans : Check the Table To find all details you are looking for .

[ Q.9 ] What Is Last Date To Receive 1099 ?
Ans : Check the Table , to find out which last date you are looking for .

[ Q.10 ] What Is Last Date To Get 1099 ?
Ans : If you are vendor/ Part Time Employee / Freelancer collect your 1099 Before 31-January from the company or employer .

[ Q.11 ] What Is Last Date To Send Form 1099 ?
Ans : Its depends upon you are individual / freelancer or company check the details on Table .

[ Q.12 ] What Is Last Date To Mail Out 1099 ?
ANS : For IRS you need to send before 31 Jan, If you are asking for 1099 Copy B or Copy 2 you can send as soon as you submitted 1099 to the IRS.

[ Q.13 ] What is Due Date 1099-B ?
Ans : Please note the deadlines for brokerage 1099-B , Recipient copy due date 15-Feb-2019 for IRS Paper Filing is 28-Feb-2019 and for IRS eFile date is Apr-1-2019

[ Q.14 ] What is Due Date 1099-DIV ?
Ans : Recipient Copy B last date 31-Jan-19 , for Copy A IRS E-file last date 28-Feb-19 and for IRS eFile date is Apr-1-2019

[ Q.15 ] What Are Due Date For 1099-R ?
ANS : To E-File 1009-R late date is Apr-1-2019 .

[ Q.16 ] What Is Due Date For 1099 Int Forms ?
Ans : The deadlines fixed for 1099-INT is 31-Jan each year .

[ Q.17 ] What Is Due Date For 1099 Reporting ?
Ans : Refer the table to find out which types of reporting you looking for .

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