Unable to Update Tax table in QuickBooks Payroll

At times due to circumstances out of our hands we end up in a situation wherein the user is unable to update the Tax Table with their QuickBooks Payroll Service.

To resolve this issue, all users has to do is follow the steps enumerated below in the same order:

Total Time: 8 minutes

  1. Verify the Status of the QuickBooks Subscription:

    💠 Go to Menu bar and select Employees tab and then follow it by selecting Get Payroll Updates option.
    💠 In the new screen labeled Get Payroll Updates, locate and note down the status mentioned against Subscription Status option.

  2. Ensure QuickBooks is updated with latest release.

    View Update a QuickBooks Release at http://payroll.intuit.com/support/kb/1000956.html to see details regarding the downloading and installation of Updates for QuickBooks Product in case QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table Out Of Date warning appears on screen

  3. Go through the list mentioned below for moving on to the next step:

    💠 Subscription status: If it is labeled Active

    💠 Current situation: The user has the current and latest subscription of QuickBooks Payroll software.

    💠 What Should Be Done: Ensure that the correct subscription number is entered in the space indicated for it. This number is imperative as it denotes the user as subscriber and also allows him for payroll and other updates. Now proceed to next step.

    💠 Subscription status: There is no subscription number mentioned

    💠 Current situation: The user has subscribed for QuickBooks payroll Service but is still lacking the subscription number

    💠 What Should Be Done: The user need to connect with Intuit and relay the issue to them in full disclosure.

    💠 Subscription status: There is no subscription number mentioned

    💠 Current situation: The user has not opted for QuickBooks Payroll service.

    💠 What Should Be Done: Connect with Intuit to subscribe for the service and then proceed to further step.

    💠 Subscription status: The subscription number is recorded

    💠 Current situation: The user has successfully subscribed with QuickBooks Payroll Services.

    💠 What Should Be Done: Proceed to the next step.

    💠 Subscription status: The subscription shows Inactive status

    💠 Current situation: It is quite possible the subscription to payroll services is over and expired.

    💠 What Should Be Done: First select Account info option and follow all the instructions showcased with the Wizard to ‘T’. Also make sure that the billing information for the same is up to date. Now proceed forward.

    💠 Subscription status: The Status is labeled ‘Not Subscribed’

    💠 Current situation: This situation means that the user has not subscribed for the QuickBooks Payroll Service.

    💠 What Should Be Done: Select subscribe option and follow all the instructions carefully as guided by the Wizard. Now go on to the next step.

  4. Step 4

    Now try to again update the tax table. In case the issue still persists then proceed to next step

  5. Verify the QuickBooks Internet Connection is working

    💠 Go to Help tab and follow it by Internet Connection Setup option.
    💠 Go to the option Use My Computer’s Internet Connection Setting and select it. Now click on Next and then done button.

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  1. Why am I unable to update the tax table in the QuickBooks Payroll?

    While updating the QuickBooks Payroll tax table, if you entered wrong information in the given field then it will show an error code on your screen and block you from further processing. After finding this error, you have to check and ensure the entered information.

  2. Is it necessary to update every new version of the QB Payroll tax table?

    No, it is not necessary to update the latest release of the QuickBooks payroll tax table every time it is introduced. It’s up to you what your accountancy needs to find better results. The latest version always comes with new and improved features to make it easy to manage.

  3. How do I resolve the QuickBooks payroll tax table issues?

    Firstly, the user has to check and correct all internet connections. After this, if an error still appears then stop the running program and again download the latest table in QuickBooks. Go to the Employees menu and click on the “Payroll Updates” option. Hit the download button to install the latest version. Once you are done with the program, all problematic issues are resolved.

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