QuickBooks Desktop Update Errors

Update errors of QuickBooks Desktop can crop up at anytime while downloading the updates released by Intuit. These update errors stop the QuickBooks payroll software from getting updated and thus the issue fixes as well as new features do not get installed.

QuickBooks updates released by Intuit throughout the year make sure that the bugs faced by users are fixed and furthermore, intuitive and powerful applications can be integrated with the software. However, at time the user might face trouble in downloading the updates which necessarily might not be the fault of the software.

Common Reasons for QuickBooks Desktop Update Errors

  • Unstable Internet Connection
  • Restrictive Settings of Personal Firewall or Internet Security.
  • Multiple items of QuickBooks Desktop for the similar version and year both of which are installed together on one computer system. For example QuickBooks Desktop Premier Edition 2016 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions 16.
  • Quickbooks Payroll Update Error PS058
  • Quickbooks Payroll Update Error PS032
QuickBooks Payroll SSL Error

How to Solve QuickBooks Update Errors

Web Stability and Connectivity Issues: 

For Error Codes 12157, 12045, 12038, 12037 or in case there are no error codes and messages displayed.

  • Go to task bar and right click on the time displayed there.
  • Select Adjust Date / Time.
  • Select Change Date and Time option.
  • Now go to Today’s Date and Time tab.
  • After checking whether time and date are correct or not, click on OK when prompted twice.
  • Now close your QuickBooks software and then start it again.
  • Try to update the software again.
  • To test your Internet connection of the system which has error cropping up, go to www.intuit.ca . If the website does not open then you should contact your service provider as it is the issue from the backend of the Internet. However, if the site opens up then continue with the steps.
  • Select Help and then Internet Connection Setup tab.
  • Go to option Use my computer’s Internet connection settings to establish a connection when this application accesses the Internet, select it and then click on Next.
  • Now go to Advanced Connection Settings and then on to Advanced option.
  • Select the Restore Advanced Setting option.
  • Now click on Ok and then on the Done tab.
  • Now try to Update your QuickBooks Desktop again

QuickBooks Payroll Error 503

3. Firewall and Internet Security Settings

At time default settings and restrictions set by the user for Internet security software and personal firewall might clash and stop the software from downloading the updates as they might consider them danger to the computer system. Recheck your settings and verify that is not the case.

4. Multiple QuickBooks Desktop Versions on same computer

At times we have more than one version of QuickBooks desktop of same year on the same system. This causes confusion and might create the issue in installing the updates. For this you might have to manually update the QuickBooks software.

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Need Professional Help?

If you still face issue in updating the QuickBooks Desktop software, then you should immediately get in touch with the Intuit or QuickBooks Payroll support. If you are unable to garner help in time due to long queue you can try an alternative agency called QBPayrollHelp via toll free phone at 📞+1-844-827-3817.


  1. What is the QB desktop update error and how can I fix it?

    QuickBooks update error is the most common issue users face while updating QuickBooks. After downloading the QuickBooks latest update, you can’t open the file because of this issue. It occurs due to space unavailability, can’t meet system requirements, and many more. Find it and fix it with a suitable solution.

  2. What are the reasons behind the QuickBooks Desktop update error?

    This happens when your system specifications fail to meet the QuickBooks latest release requirements, poor internet connection, and personal firewall. Before updating the QuickBooks, disable all anti-virus or any third-software if it is your system.

  3. Is any tool available to fix the QuickBooks Desktop Update error?

    Yes, Install the QuickBooks Doctor tool from the QuickBooks Tool hub but make sure you install the latest version of this tool. Enter all required details and run this tool, it will automatically detect and correct the error.