Transfer QuickBooks Payroll To New Computer

 Moving QuickBooks Payroll Details from Older Computer to New One

How to Transfer QuickBooks Payroll Desktop
Using one set of computer system for a long period of time is not possible nor is it advised as over a period of time, certain wear and tear is but obvious with the machinery. For this purpose there are times when the user has to install their QuickBooks software over a new system and transfer all the details stored in the older one as well. Also by calling QuickBooks Payroll Customer Services user can ask for help for moving payroll data & software with license to another location of machine .User will be required to transfer their company file from the older computer system to new one for which they need to follow the 5 simple steps illustrated below:

  1. Generate a backup copy of the company file and details about the QuickBooks Payroll stored on the older computer system.
  2. Copy the newly created backup file.
  3. On the new system install the same version of QuickBooks software
  4. Save and restore the generated backup file on the new computer system.
  5. Lastly uninstall the QuickBooks software from older computer system.

Before proceeding with the above steps there are certain steps that are required to be kept in mind such as:

  1. Transferring the details and company file from one computer system to another has no effect whatsoever on the current subscription and license of the QuickBooks software.
  2. It is recommended to to change the name of the company file before moving it so that wrong file is not shifted.
  3. In case the user is also employing payroll then they should acquire the latest tax table for authentic calculation of taxes and avoid any payroll tax penalties.
  4. Ensure that you have not overwritten over the company file. To avoid this user can try to again rename the company file before going forward with the restoring the same which will help to avoid losing data.
  5. The data can be moved smoothly if no attachment is made. The attached document will not be available as long as the files are not moved manually.

Backup and restore your file

  • Firstly install the same version and edition of QuickBooks software in the new computer system
  • Now generate an accurate backup of the company file and copy it to the new system from either of the following options:
    • By using any external hardware like Flash drive or pen drive.
    • Via internal network server interconnecting both the systems.
  • Restore the same on the new computer
  • Now you can safely uninstall the Quickbooks software from the older computer system.

Help Support for Transferring QB Payroll Subscription & Software to Other Computer/ PC

The above listed steps should conveniently aid in transferring required QuickBooks Payroll details from your older computer system to a newer system. The steps are easy to follow and for any issue prompt guidance from the Intuit certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors can be contacted by contacting the Intuit’s Quickbooks Payroll Support team. Incase the user is unable to connect with the same team, they can try to go for alternative QuickBooks support agencies. One such agency which has been approved by many QuickBooks users is called QBPayrollHelp that basically tackles issues related to QuickBooks Payroll segment. To contact them just call on Toll Free Number – Call QB Payroll Support 1844 827 3817 or browse through website – for online chat options.

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