QuickBooks Payroll Update Error The File Exists

Fixing QB Payroll Update Error File Already Exists

Windows Error “This File Exists”? – QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll is additional subscription software that is used for the running of the small businesses. Intuit releases payroll updates on quarterly, half-yearly and annual basis. The update of the QuickBooks payroll includes periodic tax tables, tax forms etc. When changes are made by the federal or state government to payroll taxes or forms, you will be getting a notification about the availability of the new tax table. For updating the QuickBooks payroll you need to ensure that you are having strong internet connectivity and the availability of the new tax table. Updating payroll helps in the resolution of the errors that might occur in handling the software.
At times due to some technical or functional disorder the users face QuickBooks payroll issues. You need to approach the QuickBooks payroll customer support team to fetch resolution. Go through the reasons, error messages and fixing steps for the error mentioned below.

Possible Reasons for QuickBooks Payroll Update Error:

➀ While downloading a payroll update
➁ Launching the federal or state forms
➂ Payment of scheduled liabilities

When the QuickBooks Payroll Update Error occurs you will possibly receive following error messages:

⚠ The specific file that you require fails to open. Ensure that it is not presently used by another program or a file that is red-only.
⚠ The file exists (Windows).

Why does the QB Payroll Update error occur?

QuickBooks Payroll Update error is usually occurs when a file is not read correctly/properly. This might occur if your QB Desktop does not have the latest release. So it is very important to ensure that your QuickBooks Desktop has the latest release. It is very simple; you just have to follow the simple steps.
✔ Go to Help -> Click Update QuickBooks
✔ Click the Update Now tab -> Get Updates
✔ Try turning off User Account Control in Windows

How to fix the Error?

To fix QuickBooks Payroll Update error you need to click ok on the error message. In case you confront the same error message follow the below listed steps:
☑ When you click on the OK button it shifts the install progress bar
☑ In case you still receive the error message -> click OK till the update is complete.
☑ Close QuickBooks program and reopen it.
☑ Ensure that your QuickBooks version has the latest product updates downloaded and installed properly.
☑ Close QuickBooks application
☑ Re-start your computer
☑ Reopen QuickBooks as the administrator

For updating the Windows permission

  1. In your system, click on the Start menu
  2. Then open the File Explorer by searching it OR In the taskbar, there is the icon of the File Explorer; double-click on it to open it
  3. Now in the File Explorer, you have to find the QuickBooks file path. For 64-bit- C:\programfiles x86\intuit\quickbooks XXXX. For 32-bit- C:\programfiles\intuit\quickbooks XXXX. Note- XXXX is the version of the software 
  4. Now find the file QBW32.exe and then right-click on it
  5. From the drop-down menu, click on the Properties option
  6. Go to the Security and then click on the option Edit
  7. To add new click on ADD; then in the Type field select Everyone and then click on the OK button
  8. Here, you see the checkbox as Full Control; select it and click on the OK button
  9. Again, click on the ADD now select the Users in the Type field and click on the OK button
  10. After that again, click on the Ful Control checkbox in the Security window and click on the OK button
  11. Click on the Apply button and then OK button when you are ready.

Above, you get to know the causes of why QuickBooks Payroll Update Error The File Exists happens and also the solutions to get it to resolve on your own. So, do follow the solutions steps to get it resolved easily. If you have any issue or query then you can connect with the QuickBooks customer helpdesk who is here to help you all the time. The information you get is up to date and correct. You can also send the email and do a live chat with the team.

Also you can connect with QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number that is a well known QuickBooks Consulting Agency that offers prompt and responsive support to the payroll issues. You are assured complete support in minimum time. Connect with the proficient QB professionals by calling the toll free phone number ? Call Now: 1844 827 3817and garner services on payroll update.


1. How to run it as administrator?

    1. Go to the QuickBooks icon
    2. Then right-click on it
    3. From drop-down menu select Run as administrator option
    4. Now you are done.

2. When I encounter this error?

This error happens when you are updating the payroll, while opening the federal or state forms, or while paying the scheduled liabilities.

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