QuickBooks Payroll Update 21712

21712 Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Update

QuickBooks Payroll is a wonderful software that can make payroll related activities much easier and faster to handle and complete in an accurate manner. The whole process becomes fuss-free and faster, thus, leading to more productivity. It can make many payroll and employee benefit related functions faster to finish and deal with.

There are many payroll related functions in QuickBooks that help in filing for taxes and are very useful during the taxation time. An example is QuickBooks Payroll 401 k plan. It helps in checking retirement benefits. With various reports, tools and related features, QuickBooks Payroll is a wonderful tool that can help users in completing the tasks related to the payroll in a more smooth way.

It is a revolutionary payroll tool that makes pay day a pleasant experience for everyone, both the users and employees as everything is timely and tremendously organized. It helps in increasing the efficiency of the whole process.

Moreover, QuickBooks Payroll update is available round the clock for any kind of assistance. New updates keep coming in the software which help in completing the tasks in a better way and also help in getting rid of all kinds of loopholes that might have existed in the previous version. Even QBPayrollHelp assist you if QuickBooks Payroll Update Failed to Download Or Install .

All User Have To Know About Payroll Update 21712

Firstly the user needs to check if they have an active QuickBooks Desktop payroll subscription and a supported version of QuickBooks Desktop. This needs to be verified first of all before proceeding. Payroll Update 21712 was released on June 15, 2017 and corrected many issues.

  • Tax Table Updates:
    • There are no payroll tax changes in this update.
  • Form Updates:
    • For Enhanced Payroll for Accountants payroll subscribers, the payroll update will include a federal form that needs to be updated. It is for reporting agents and is known as Form 941.
    • For standard and better payroll subscribers, the payroll update must include a federal form that needs to be updated- Form 941.
    • For enhanced payroll subscribers, the payroll update will include all the state forms which will be updated for these states; i.e Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Ohio, South Carolina, and Texas.
    • For enhanced payroll subscribers, the payroll update will include a state form that has been removed for the state of Arkanas.
  • E-File & Pay Updates
    • There are no as such e-file and pay changesin this payroll update.
  • Additional Details
    • Users need to ascertain if it is a QuickBooks Desktop 2017, QuickBooks Desktop 2016, QuickBooks Desktop 2015 and accordingly consult the experts to know about the Payroll Update 21712 from the QuickBooks experts.

QuickBooks technical support team is there to guide you in case of any questions related to QuickBooks Payroll Update 21712. The team is there to guide you step by step in case of any questions and issues. They will be happy in assisting you round the clock regarding any questions that the user might have. The users can directly talk to the QBPayrollHelp professionals who are trained in fixing all issues related to QuickBooks Payroll.

Need Professional Help?

If a person wants to know in detail about QuickBooks Payroll Update 21712, they can get in touch with QBPayrollHelp team who are highly trained in QuickBooks payroll related issues and have many years of experience in dealing with any issue in a proper organized manner. This will help the user in dealing with the problem in a step-wise manner. Moreover, the tasks will get completed fast. Get in touch with QuickBooks Payroll Customer Support team for any kind of assistance related to QuickBooks Payroll Update 21712.

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  1. For whom the tax forms updates in QuickBooks payroll update 21712 for QuickBooks 2016?

    The tax form updates are done for the enhanced payroll subscribers, payroll for accountants, and standard payroll subscribers. In which the federal and state forms were updated accordingly.

  2. What are the steps to do the QuickBooks Payroll Update 21712?

    The steps to do the QuickBooks payroll update are as follows:-

    1. In QuickBooks, click on the Employees menu
    2. Then select the option Get Payroll Updates
    3. Now in the option, You are using Tax table version
    4. In this section, check that the tax table 21712 exists or not 
    5. If not then update it by clicking on the Update button
    6. Now, wait for the update to be done successfully.

  3. Is it important to have QuickBooks Payroll update 21712 in my QuickBooks account?

    Yes, it is important to do the QuickBooks Payroll update 21712. Not even this single update you have to do the update of payroll when it is available as your taxes that you pay according to state and federal depend on these updates of tax tables.

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