QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table Out Of Date

Tax Table Expired Warning QuickBooks Payroll

Warning-TAX Table Out-Of-Date
When you run your QuickBooks payroll tax table for calculating payroll taxes, you might get an error- QuickBooks Payroll tax table out of date. Any payroll calculations that you make using this tax table will show zero ($0.00). Before moving ahead lets check out QuickBooks Payroll Won’t Update is auto update option is open .

Reasons Why QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table Out Of Date ?

You may face such type of error due:

  • QuickBooks Software is not updated with the latest payroll tax table edition.
  • QuickBooks is used in a multi-user or multi-network environment.
  • Some of the QuickBooks software located within the same network has not been updated with the latest tax table edition.

Solve QB Payroll TAX Table Invalid Error


  • Ensure the QuickBooks software has been updated to the latest product edition. Verify every version located on the network, in case your application is run on multi-user network.
  • Perform clean uninstall and reinstallation of QuickBooks software. Prior to uninstall and reinstall process to resolve the error, you have to first back up your QuickBooks data company.
  • Compare the product edition number of your current installed product via the product update page when running your QuickBooks (Hit F2 key on your keyboard to view release reference number).

What is the latest payroll tax table edition and how to you check whether you are using it?

  • Version 109 is the most current payroll tax table edition. It was released on 21st December 2018, and effective from 1st of January 2019 to 30th of June 2019.
  • Check which tax table version you have:
  • Log into your QuickBooks, then click on My Payroll Service from Employees Menu, then select Tax Table Information.
  • The first three (3) digits under “…tax table version:” will reflect the tax table edition you have.

In case if you still Unable to Update QuickBooks TAX table then consult with QBPayrollHelp via live chat option .

How To Get Latest Payroll Update QB ?

Updating QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table to the Latest Version

If you haven’t updated you QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table to the latest version, probably you will be experiencing with QuickBooks payroll update error. To run your payroll tax table with error, it is required to update it to the most current version. Perform the given steps to do so.

Note: You should be using 2018/2019 QuickBooks Desktop edition or 18.0/19.0 QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions to download the current tax table update (version 109).

  • The easiest method is to set up automatic updates in your system. This way, your QuickBooks will automatically download the payroll updates once they are available.
  • To manually download the latest payroll update in QuickBooks:
  • Open to Menu bar and select, Employees > Payroll Center. Your payroll sub status will be detailed on left.
  • Go through the status to manage your payroll subscription.
  • Go to Menu Bar again and click on Employees > Get Payroll Updates.
  • Select download option, and click on the Update button
  • Once the update is completed, Payroll Update message appears on the screen stating new tax table or update was installed. Click on
  • QuickBooks now opens the Payroll Update News dialog box. Go through the information to learn about changes made during the installation.
  • Hit Esc key on the keyboard to close.

Help For Tax Table Update Intuit

For more information, contact QBPayrollHelp team on QuickBooks Payroll Support by dialling our Toll Free number Phone: 1844 827 3817 or email us at . Out experts are standing by 24/7 to offer any kind of assistance in resolving or providing information. You can also reach us via Live Chat Support.

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