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Where To Find Payroll TAX Report QuickBooks ?

Create TAX Report In QuickBooks
Payroll is one added segment to QuickBooks accounting software that ensures all the tasks related to employees’ payroll is accounted for and completed effectively and efficiently. The user does not need to keep manual record of salary, wages, incentives and other contribution made on behalf of the employee as all the imperative tasks are automatically completed. Furthermore, end of the year report regarding payroll are also generated providing complete business standing in the market. One report related to payroll is QuickBooks Payroll Local Tax Report or as generally labeled as QuickBooks Payroll Tax and Wages Summary Report

How User Can Generate Intuit QB Payroll TAX Report ?

The user can view the Payroll Tax Summary Report by following the steps illustrated below. The basic purpose of the report is to display the total wages that is taxable as per the norms of withholding by State and Federal. To generate the report follow the steps illustrated below:

  1. Open the software and click on Reports tab located in the left side of Navigation bar.
  2. Now click in the blank field of Search Box (identified with Magnifying glass Icon) in order to view a list of reports in the drop down menu.
  3. If the user is familiar with the name of the report, it is recommended to type name of the report in the blank space to reach the destination quickly.
  4. Click on the option labeled Payroll Tax and Wage Summary Report
  5. Under the Date range column, select the time period for which the report has to be generated.
  6. Next under Work Location option, from the drop down menu click on the particular location for which taxes and wages paid needs to be viewed.
  7. Lastly click on Run Report tab to finish the process and view the report.

A complete checklist published earlier for QuickBooks Payroll Liabilities Report which helps the user to setup and run this report easily.

This report named Payroll Tax and Wage Summary is the best way to view the details regarding taxes norm followed under State and Federal. Suppose user wishes to check the total amount of tax paid for every employee as per their SSN (Social Security Number) then user needs to only click on the tax name in the report.

Help Tax Report Issues QuickBooks Basic, Enhanced, Full Service Payroll

The steps listed above should help user to generate and view Payroll Tax and Wage Summary report without much hassle. However if the user faces any issue it is recommended to connect with QuickBooks Payroll Technical Support team set up by Intuit ensuring all the aggrieved customers get their issue resolved within limited time span. In case the user has some issue in connecting with the Payroll team, they can go alternative support agencies like QBPayrollHelp through their toll free number – Phone: 1844 827 3817 and garner swift support from in-house support team.

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