QuickBooks Payroll For Nonprofits

Nonprofits Organization Payroll in QuickBooks

Out of all the types of industries, nonprofit organizations are probably one of the most struggling businesses where payroll function is concerned. It is not uncommon for many nonprofit industries to put on more focus and backup towards their core missions than on payroll and other Human Resource related functions.

This in turn makes them inadequate to handle all the HR related needs proficiently which results in lesser funding for dedicated HR staff and consequently lead to disgruntled employees. If you need any help connect with QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service team .

How to Track Donations & Expenses in QuickBooks Non Profit Payroll

Payroll processing is one of the most common activities prevalent in all types of industries including nonprofit businesses. Considering its complexities, irrespective of the size of the business and its nature of services, most organizations put in focus over the cost effectiveness and user friendly dashboard of the software used for handling the payroll services.

Another point of concern is its seamless unification with other software handling connected activities like that of finances and HR processes of the business. Last but certainly not the least, is the experience of the employees in handling such software, for example considerably aged and young (fresh out of college) employees will have a hard time getting used to high end professional payroll software.

Types of Non Profit Companies Payroll Done by QuickBooks

  • Churches
  • Charity Organization
  • Animal Protection
  • Environmental Protection Organization
  • Social Welfare Organization
  • Agricultural or Horticultural Organization
  • Labor Organization
  • Business League (Trade Association)
  • Social Clubs
  • Fraternal Societies
  • Employee Benefit Associations or Funds
  • Veterans’ Organizations
  • Political Organizations

Sources : https://www.irs.gov/charities-non-profits/types-of-tax-exempt-organizations

Managing Church Payroll With Intuit QB Software

As denoted above, payroll is considered to be one of the most basic and justified activity of even nonprofit organizations whose success highly depends on selecting that perfect combination of payroll software that can work in tandem with other software employed by the business. At times it becomes imperative for the business to go for software that offers much more than just the basic features under payroll management.

Keeping this need of Nonprofit business’ payroll, Intuit came out with QuickBooks Payroll which is a cost effective solution perfect in all senses of business’ finances as it can easily get integrated with one of the best accounting software – QuickBooks Accounting Software, that is already being employed by many non-profit organizations for handling their accounting tasks.

The software offers cloud based services which reduces many hassles like downloading & installing the software; followed by regular updates and upgrades that is being tackled by the vendor of the QuickBooks Payroll software.

The software helps to perform many tasks like:

  • Full Processing of Payroll with timely transfer of salary and incentives.
  • Tracking of employee’s demographic details along with bonuses and benefits.
  • Keeping an eye on compensation due to the employee and also caters to employers as information repository of employees.

Different packages are catered at different prices with the most basic edition being priced at $20 / month (+$2 /employee) to full service edition being priced at $79 / month (+$2 /employee).

In accordance with the need and size of the business, one feasible option for nonprofit businesses is to outsource their payroll needs. If the number of employees is limited to certain digits, outsourcing payroll tasks makes much more sense than hiring a full time bookkeepers and proficient HR staff who can adequately handle the QuickBooks software along with garnering additional expense of providing on job training to handling the software.

However, many nonprofit organizations were quite happy with the ease and proficiency shown by QuickBooks Payroll despite being outfitted with top notch tools and features.

Get Help for Non-Profit Payroll Accounting By QuickBooks

Payroll processing and management software released by Intuit has streamlined the payroll activities of the nonprofit businesses ensuring the saved resources in terms of human and monetary is used up in other business growth areas. The software is adept to handle even the most complex processes like generating time sheets and other needed reports within few clicks.

If you face any issue with the software, you can contact the QuickBooks Payroll Phone Number or Intuit for help. Another option is QBPayrollHelp easily reachable at TFN 📞.

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