QuickBooks Payroll Integration Part 2

In continuation with QuickBooks Payroll Integration Part 1 with app called Fishbowl Labor and Time, this one revolves around another integration app called Virtual TimeClock.

To get this app integrated, QuickBooks Payroll need to have some settings changed, the process for which is illustrated below:

  • First and foremost open QuickBooks file and go to Edit tab on the menu bar. Further select Preference option from the drop down menu of Edit tab.
  • In this new screen named Preferences click on Time and expenses option, probably one of the last option that can be found in the left side of the screen and then select Company Preferences tab. Now you will view a question ‘Do you Track time?’ in the box labeled Time Tracking. Choose option as ‘Yes’.
  • Next proceed to Employee Center tab that will open all the employees’ details. In this employee screen the checkbox in front of ‘Use Tie Data to Create Paychecks’ should be marked correct via ‘ü’.
  • Now the user needs to Export the file named Timer Lists. To do so follow the instructions below:
    1. Go to menu bar and select File option
    2. Under this choose Utilities tab followed by Export option.
    3. From side down menu select Timer Lists.
      Note: The whole process needs to be done in Single User Mode. This mode is most acceptable for any sort of Import or Export tasks.
  • To export the listing of Payroll Item to excel follow the instructions below:
    • From the menu select Reports tab.
    • Click on Employees and Payroll option from the drop down menu.
    • Select Payroll Item Listing option from the side drop menu.
    • Open Excel program and then new Worksheet to transfer the listing and then save it.
      Note: the following step is only for Virtual TimeClock App Integration
  • Exporting QuickBooks Employees:
    • From the menu bar select file option and then Utilities tab.
    • From the drop down menu choose Export option and then from side menu go to tab labeled Lists to IIF file.
    • Click on Employees and then on OK tab. Make a note of the location of the file saved in.

Virtual TimeClock Payroll Export Integration App

The application Virtual TimeClock basically provides a time clock file that is formatted as per the directions and specifications mentioned by the user. This file accords user with ability to shift all the hours completed by employees to QuickBooks Pro Windows software. For this the user has to perform a setup only one time.

Integration Setup Process for Virtual TimeClock is explained below:

1. Default set up for exporting: 

  • Go to Administration menu bar and then click on Configure tab.
  • Now click on Payroll settings and follow it with QuickBooks export format option
  • And now click on Setup.

2. Importing files of Payroll Item and Timer Lists: 

  • Now click on all select tabs follow it with locating file corresponding to that, which was structured in above setup.
  • Now proceed to Export list and in every field under this list click on + sign along with adding an export field of Virtual TimeClock to Payroll item of QuickBooks.
Note: Multiple fields for export can be attached to a single payroll item.

3. QuickBooks Users Needed to be Imported: 

  • In the Administrative toolbar locate Configure option and select it.
  • Now open the User Control Panel application.
  • Under the new screen click on Add option and then choose users for importing feature followed by importing them with the help of importing a QuickBooks IIF file instructions.
Note: Remember that in scenario where the user doesn’t import QuickBooks user and directly goes for Time Clock export, the software may provide a blank record or duplicate records in the situation it doesn’t find the exact match of the employee name.

Export of Payroll Hours

  • Go to Administrative tool bar and then select payroll approval option in the main screen of Virtual TimeClock app.
  • This will allow the user to get in to new screen called Timecard Review and Payroll Approval.
  • Once the user has approved for all the timecards and other details select Export option. However, remember if the timecard is not approved before export option is selected, export process will not take place.

Import of Payroll Hours

  1. Open QuickBooks software and select file menu.
  2. Now click on Utilities, then Import tab followed by Timer Activities option.
  3. Locate and select the file structured in the above set up for the purpose of exporting. The user can import the file without reviewing for the process to get completed.
  4. Now go to payroll center window and select Start Scheduled Payroll option. It is imperative to provide proper payroll schedule for the chosen hours to appear under the window labeled Enter Payroll Information.
Note: Virtual TimeClock app when integrated with QuickBooks payroll will only transfer hours covered by the employees. 

To attach other items like Customer, services and jobs in the Time sheet created for weekly report.

Follow the instructions below: 

  • Go to Menu bar for employees
  • Click on Enter Time option.
  • Now select Use Weekly Timesheet tab.
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