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QuickBooks Payroll General Journal Entries

How to Make Journal Entries While Using QuickBooks Payroll

Payroll Journal Entry for Intuit QB

QuickBooks Payroll subscription in tune with QuickBooks accounting software has easily shouldered the burden of bookkeepers and accountants in handling financial sector of the business without much hassle. More and more businesses are moving towards QuickBooks payroll in order to process payroll tasks automatically and with least scope of errors. However, even business owners need to be aware about certain aspects of Payroll processing to ensure payroll activities are being completed authentically and accurately. Also these entries should be reflected in General Ledger in systematize way .

Within QuickBooks Payroll, journal entries showcase the amount of money being allocated as salaries towards employees, deductions made from their salary in order for miscellaneous benefits as well as taxes withheld. QuickBooks Payroll users apply the provided information to calculate the required amount of federal tax obligation on quarterly basis as well as the employee contributions made in the direction of benefits. This payroll entry is basically treated as the summation of each and every item found on the pay stub of the employee. get more detail connect QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service Number .

Item , Transactions or Component of QB Payroll Journal Entries

Different components treated and used within QuickBooks Payroll general journal entries are listed below:

Salaries:One of the most common, imperative general journal entries in QuickBooks Payroll is the salaries of the employees both gross and net along with deductions for benefits and tax withholdings. Gross salary is treated as expense as it is an incurred cost for the company. While on one hand gross salary is the money that the business pays their employees for the work done and the Net Salary is the actual cash paid to employees after deducting the benefit’s deductions from the gross amount of salary.

Deductions:The section of amount withheld from the employee’s salary in favor of contribution towards certain benefits is termed as deductions. This item under Payroll general journal entries are categorized as liabilities for the company shown under payable account as it is the money owed to another institution on part of the employee paid by the company. Most common deductions made by almost all the businesses are taxes withheld and benefit deductions. Taxes Withheld / Withholding are that amount of payroll taxes which are forwarded towards country, city, state or federal tax authorities on behalf of the employees. Federal / State income taxes payable along with FICA taxes payable come under general accounts of tax. On the other hand Union dues, Health insurance along with retirement are termed as general accounts for benefit which an employee pays through payroll deductions. These amount stay under liability accounts till the time business does not pay for the bill under benefit and deduction account.

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Lets Start Doing Journal Entry In QuickBooks

Payroll Journal Entry

The one of the most common rule under accounting and subsequently under payroll processing is that anything adding cash and finances towards the business is considered to under Debit section while any increase in financial expense is to be considered under Credit section. Thus in tune with this theory, Salary Expense Account created for employees will have debit items of salary and any additional increment of the same while any increase in deductions and cash decrease in favor of the employee is to be recorded under credit part. The total amount under both parts needs to tally and balance each other out as per the journal entry principles employing double entry bookkeeping method. Net pay or salary is the total amount left after cutting off the benefit and other deductions from the Gross Salary

Let’s take an example for better understanding:

Debit Amount Credit Amount
Salary Expense (Gross Pay) $300 Federal Income Taxes Payable $25
    State Income Taxes Payable $5
    FICA Taxes Payable $10
    Health Insurance Payable $10
    Cash (Net Pay) $250
Total $300 Total $300

How to Do Tax Journal Entry In Intuit Payroll

Payroll Tax Journal Entry

Apart from advancing taxes that the businesses have deducted from payroll, some specific taxes are to remain under the company’s liability to be paid. Although the taxes are not same for every place and area, most commonly paid are FICA and unemployment taxes. It is deduced that the businesses’ amount contribution towards FICA should balance with the total amount incurred under FICA contribution of employee ( apart from the amount in the year 2011 and 2012 wherein the Social Security taxes in payroll for employees was down by 2%)

Let’s take an example for better understanding:

Debit Amount Credit Amount
Payroll Tax Expense (Total of Payables) $15 FICA Taxes Payable (match total of employee FICA payroll deductions) $10
    SUTA Payable (state unemployment) $2
    FUTA Payable (federal unemployment) $3
Total $15 Total $15

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