QuickBooks Payroll FUTA Report Error

Resolve Federal Unemployment Tax Error QB Payroll

Thousands of QuickBooks users report the FUTA related errors in a year. The error is common and bugs almost everyone once in a while. However, when the FUTA does not match, the error poses severe headaches and loss of patience.

If you are also one of those users whose QuickBooks Payroll FUTA is not matching up, then you are not alone. QuickBooks Payroll Tech Support team is always here to help you out in resolving any such error on your QuickBooks Desktop or Online.

Payroll Error : when you are running payroll forms 940

When you click Check For Errors button while the work on Form 940 is going on, this message appears on the screen: “Total of this column does not equal the exempt payments total. The difference is <$ nn, nnn, nn>. You must make the necessary adjustments to reconcile the amounts.

Resolving Payroll Error FUTA Tax Not Matching:

You can resolve the error by following one of these methods:

1. Correcting the Employee’s setup or the Payroll item:

  • Go to the Payroll item and edit it.
  • Keep clicking Next once you are done with editing until Tax Tracking Type window appears.
  • See if the Tax tracking type is correct or not. If not, set it. If you are unable to understand which Tax Tracking Type you need to use.
  • Keep clicking Next until Finish comes on the screen. Click

2. Checking the Employees who are marked for FUTA:

  • Go tot he drop-down menu of Click it and go to Employees and Payroll, from there you need to select Employee Withholding.
  • Go to the Payroll Customize Report button and click it.
  • The next tab will be From here, you need to put a check in front of only FUTA and Employee so that you can narrow down the list further. The employees who are marked for FUTA will display Yes right next to their names.
  • If you want to mark an employee or unmark him:
    • Go to the Employee Name and click two-times successively on it.
    • Select the tab- Payroll Info.
    • Select the button- Taxes.
    • Now, put a check mark in front of the employees.
    • Hit OK so that the changes you made could be saved.

3. Checking the Tax Settings of the employee and ensuring that they are correct:

  • Go to the employee and edit him.
  • Select the tab- Payroll Info.
  • Go to the Taxes button and select it.
  • See if the check mark in front of the Federal Unemployment Tax (paid by the company), then it means that you have not set up the employee in QuickBooks Desktop so that you could subject him to Federal Unemployment.
Get Help for FUTA Libelity Payment Problem Intuit QB Payroll

The information provided above should help you in resolving the FUTA related errors on your QuickBooks Desktop or Online. However, if you face any problem while performing the operation or if you need technical assistance in figuring out the solution, you can get in touch with QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service on Our toll-free number is 📞+ Our experts are available 24*7.


  1. What do you mean by the term FUTA?

    FUTA stands for Federal Unemployment Tax Act, which is an initiative for the workers who get terminated without any mistakes.

  2. What is the purpose of FUTA?

    The primary objective of The Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) to facilitates benefits to the workers who lost their jobs without any valid mistakes.

  3. Can I delete the FUTA form if I made some mistakes?

    Yes, follow the below steps:

    💠 Locate Taxes option appearing in the left navigation bar
    💠 Click on Payroll Tax
    💠 Below Annual Forms, select View Archived forms.
    💠 Click on 940 Form
    💠 Hit on Delete

  4. When did users encounter FUTA errors in QuickBooks?

    It generally takes place when accessing Form 940 in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced.

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