QuickBooks Payroll for Multiple Companies

An accountant or bookkeeper may have multiple clients, so he needs to add multiple companies to QuickBooks. In this scenario, he has the option to add Client Company to his payroll subscription. He can add multiple companies if he is exclusively working on their payroll files.

QuickBooks Payroll for Multiple Companies or Clients

QuickBooks Payroll is one of the best payroll options available for small to medium sized businesses across the world. Payroll is one of the essential aspects of a company as this function ensures timely delivery and transfer of employees’ salary as well as incentives and bonuses which in turn helps to motivate the company employees to work hard and with full dedication.

In order to ease the same burden, Intuit came up with third party application – QuickBooks Payroll subscription. This software was incepted in order to provide business owners a way to handle the payroll requirements of not only the employees but also include payroll activities of clients and their corresponding companies

For the users having confidential access of accountant and bookkeepers aspect of QuickBooks Payroll, they have the special authority to add more than one company of the client to the payroll subscription.

However, it is advised that the companies of the client’s should only be included in the case of exclusive work over the payroll of the client so that the user has full access and control over the files that are being added or modified. Also in case need more help get connect with QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service Number now .

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Adding the companies to your subscription in a file that is also accessed by clients who will use it at their place of business will give them access to your subscription information.

They will be able to view or change information associated with your payroll subscription such as account address and contact names. To secure your subscription information, always remove the service key from the clients’ company files before giving them to your clients.

How to Manage Multiple Clients In QB Payroll

1. Assumptions

It is assumed that the user has applied for Payroll subscription of QuickBooks and is required to maintain the same for more than one company and client.

2. Specifications

In order to assist and manage more than one company of client under QuickBooks Payroll Subscription, user is guided through a message that helps to keep the required information and old data secure and confidential.

How to Start Work With Many Companies In Intuit Payroll

Do you need to add the file under Payroll Subscription?

A new screen appears on the desktop containing warning message when either the company accountant or company beekeeper when they follow through with any of the three mentioned below:

  • From Employees tab’s drop down menu, ‘Learn about Payroll’ option is chosen.
  • From drop down menu of Payroll tab, ‘Enter Payroll Service Key’ option is selected.
  • From Employees tab’s drop down menu, ‘Order Payroll’ option is chosen.

The message showcased basically tries to warn user that the added files should only be used for business purposes and should be added to payroll subscription only in case of use within the company.

Identifying Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Subscription

The moment user chooses the option stating ‘Add to My Existing Subscription’ from the drop down menu of Employees tab; a message pops up on the screen of the user.

The message deliberates and ensures that the user is aware that by adding the company to the current payroll subscription the authenticity and responsibility of the file falls on the user and the same is used only for business purposes as the whole payroll service account can be modified or viewed by adding it.

Add the following file to Payroll Subscription

The message showcased initiates that the user has added the company files to the subscription already existing with them under the scenarios listed below:

  • In case the user has put in the service key under the current subscription that has been in use earlier on the same computer desktop.
  • In the scene when the file added to current subscription from the computer already being used but the same file has not been added to the payroll subscription.
Get Help to Run Payroll for 2 Or More Companies in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Payroll services are quite vast in the terms of tools and features provided to business owners who wish to perform their payroll activities using the software. The best individuals to approach where guidance under this payroll service is the group of professional expert team set up by Intuit.

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