Quickbooks Payroll Error 2002

What is Quickbooks Payroll Error Code 2002 & How to Fix It?

The QuickBooks error 2002 usually occurs when users run the payroll to pay their employees. It is one of the most common payroll errors that generally take place while accessing the payroll. The occurrence of this error affects the performance of QuickBooks so I need to rectify it as soon as possible.

Today through the below post we will explore the most effective troubleshooting solution to fix the error code 2002 with the causes. Before proceeding with the resolving guide let’s talk about the overview and the major causes associated with the error.  

Overview of QuickBooks error 2002

When accessing the payroll of QuickBooks users might experience several types of error. Among all error codes, 2002 is one of them. It appears on the user’s screen when they try to access the payroll in the accounting software. It will display a message notifying the entered pin is not valid.

The users have to re-fill the PIN and must cover the rules like the PIN must contain the character range 8-12 and contain one numerical number and letter. Ensure that you have switched off the Caps Lock and Num Lock key to write the PIN accurately.

Causes of QuickBooks Payroll Error 2002

It usually occurs during the creation of a new data file in the accounting software. There are multiple reasons behind QuickBooks error code 2002 like poor internet connection and Firewall Settings This error decreases the performance of the software or interrupts the server access.

Some of the reasons are below:

  • Firewall settings or Internet Security block the connection
  • Unstable internet connection
  • Wrong PIN
  • Network time out
  • Writing wrong or duplicate information when creating a data file
  • Using multiple Employer Identification numbers for a single company file

Things you need to do while entering the PIN

Below-mentioned is the list of points you need to walk through when entering the PIN:

  • The PIN must be in the 8-12 characters
  • It should contain one numerical number and one letter
  • When pressing the key from the keyboard ensure that you verify the NUM LOCK and Caps Lock key as well
  • Ease of requesting the payroll transaction

How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error code 2002?

Below- described is the procedure to resolve the QuickBooks errors:

First of all log in with an administrator mode

1. Solution One: Download PayrollSubini.exe

  • Firstly verify your internet connection
  • Download the PayrollSubini.exe file from the trustworthy website
  • Now save it on the desired location
  • Run it
  • After this check the payroll updates. Follow the below steps:
    • Locate the Employees option
    • Choose Payroll Updates
    • Now hit on the Update option to start the update process of the software
    • Choose the OK button and wait till the downloading gets complete
    • After word close the software and then re-open the QuickBooks

That’s all about the troubleshooting guide on how to get rid of QuickBooks error 2002! Hopefully the above write-up sorts out the issue.

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