QuickBooks Payroll Error 15106

QuickBooks Payroll Can’t Update Shows 15106 Error Code?

QuickBooks is a complete accounting technical software and it has certain limitations due to which sudden errors can crop up. The error may happen due to any kind of technical glitch and if not solved in time it might be more complex, thus, affecting the user’s daily work process.

QB Payroll update error 15106 is one of most common errors that the user normally faces during downloading the software updates followed by an error message which says ‘the update program is corrupt or the update program can’t be opened’ and the result user Can’t update QuickBooks Payroll .

It happens due to a discovery of spy sweeper in antivirus web root program. Sometime the user might not be logged in as the system administrator that prohibits their ability to write or read the latest files.

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What are the reasons behind QuickBooks Update error 15106?

The error message notifies that the update program is damaged or the update program cannot open popup on the desktop screen.

There are mainly two significant causes of QuickBooks error 15106:

  • You are not logged in with an administrator mode during the update process
  • Antivirus or other security software blocks the execution 
  • Turned on UAC settings

Troubleshoot Intuit QB Payroll Update Error Code 15106

Follow these Methods to fix error:

1. Resolution One: Switch user mode to an Administrator mode

  • When you log in with a user mode
  • Locate QuickBooks Desktop icon
  • Give a right-click on it
  • After this hit on Run as administrator mode
  • Enter your admin ID with password
  • Hit on OK button
  • At present, you logged in with an administrator account
  • Now discover the Start option
  • Discover at the right corner of the screen to click on the arrow
  • Hit on Switch-user
  • After this write the admin credentials to switch to your admin account

2. Solutions Two: Uninstall/Pause the Antivirus program and give a new name to the folder

  • Firstly open the task manager window
  • Discover the processes option
  • Find the anti-virus program in the system for instance Spy Sweeper.exe
  • Choose End process
  • If still, you are getting this problem during this task then you have to uninstall the application  
  • Once done now rename the folder containing QuickBooks update. Here are the steps :
  • You have to press Windows button +E altogether
  • Start to locate the downloaded folder
  • Give a right-click on it
  • Choose Rename
  • Embed .old extension at the name end
  • Now  start a re-update after renaming the folder

3. Solution Three: Turn off User Account Control (UAC)

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Initially press Windows+R button altogether to display run window
  • Write control panel and then hit on Ok Button
  • Select User Accounts
  • After this again hit on User Accounts
  • Choose control settings named Change user account
  • It will display a prompt
  • Select Yes to proceed
  • After this move the slider
  • Hit on never notify if you need to disable UAC and click on OK
  • Click on always notify if you want to turn on UAC
  • Choose OK button
  • Now set the slider and then restart the system

4. Solution Four: Start a clean QuickBooks installation in selective mode

Follow the steps:

  • Firstly, collect all the necessary data for creating a backup
  • Moreover, you have to keep a 
  • copy of the license and product key
  • Now in a selective mode start your system
  • Ensure that no other software block the  execution  of active windows
  • You need to switch to the selective startup mode. Below mentioned are the steps:
  • Open the Run Window
  • Write the command MSConfig 
  • Once entered command then hit on OK button
  • Locate General option and then selective startup & load system service
  • Afterward, discover services button and then select hide all Microsoft services
  • Place a checkmark on the check box named Hide all Microsoft Services
  • Hit on disable all
  • Ensure that you verified Windows Installer checkbox appears in the list of services
  • Once you check the Windows Installer located on the system configuration window
  • Click on the Restart button
  • Wait for the restart of the system
  • After this un-install the QuickBooks Desktop application
  • Once done now re-install the program
  • Switch mode to Normal startup mode
  • Now restore the settings of the system to the normal configuration. Follow the jotted instructions:
  • Open Run window
  • Write MSConfig in the search box
  • Hit on OK button
  • Choose normal startup
  • After this locate the General option
  • Hit on Ok button
  • It will display the configuration Window
  • Choose Restart

5. Solution Five: open Window Task Manager

If the user makes out that the issue arises due to the Spy Sweeper then they can open Window Task Manager by pressing (Ctrl ➜❱ Shift ➜❱ Esc) keys together. The user requires ticking on the Processes tab and looking for Spy Sweeper.exe.

Further, these steps have to be followed:

1. Step One:

In case the user detects this in the processing tab, they should uninstall or remove it by opening Remove/Add programs in the windows. Doing this might solve the error.

2. Step Two:

  • Or, if the user is not able to locate the Spy Sweeper in their system, they should open drive C and go through the C:\programfiles\intuit\commonfile\ Components\QuickBooks xx. Then the user requires resetting the QuickBooks Updates after downloading the company file.
  • To fix the error, the user can turn off the UAC (User Account Control) temporarily.
  • Or the users can go to ‘perform clean and Selective Startup installation of QuickBooks’.

Need Professional Help?

If you get stuck anywhere in the process, feel free to get in touch with Payroll.AccountingErrors Support Team.

If still, the user is not able to solve the QuickBooks payroll update error 15106 or there is an issue understanding the troubleshooting methods, users can contact our Customer Service via the toll-free number 📞+ anytime. We have a reliable team to fix the error in the least time possible.


  1. Why am I getting this error?

    💠There are issues with your antivirus software. Sometimes, there is the Spy Sweeper present in it.
    💠The antivirus is blocking the update in your QuickBooks software.
    💠If you have not login with your username then you won’t get all the rights to access all the files so it becomes difficult to do this.

  2. What are the other solutions rather than these mentioned solutions?

    💠You can turn off the User Account Control in settings
    💠The clean install can be done for installing the QuickBooks in the mode of Selective Startup
    💠You have to rename the folders after stopping the antivirus

  3. What if the tax table is not updated with the QuickBooks version?

    In this case, you have to download and update both QuickBooks and the Tax table also to keep everything up to date. So that you won’t get any issue while working in your QuickBooks account.

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