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QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise With Payroll Software

QuickBooks Enterprise 20.0 is one of the most advanced software constructed by Intuit till date with inbuilt tools like advanced inventory, advanced pricing etc.

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These tools till now had to be integrated with QuickBooks Accounting software as third party application in order to provide all round control on the financial aspect of the business.

However, as QuickBooks Enterprise 16.0 is considered to be the horizontal product, as in, it is designed to cater for every financial and HR needs for the business across the whole lot of different types of industries, it is outfitted with hordes of tools of which one is Payroll Processing and Management. Looking for more details Call QuickBooks Enterprise Help Desk Phone Number and get the full details .

The payroll management tools introduced within the software are not only simple to use but also efficiently gets the tasks completed within stipulated time period. This feature allows the user to process and manage their payroll activities as well as seamlessly rationalize the tasks and activities ensuring automatic completion of the payroll process.

It also transfers salaries and other employee incentives directly into the bank accounts via Direct Deposit feature. An Employee Center factor is newly added within the software which basically consists of a window under which all the essential details regarding all the employees are stored.

QB Enterprise software is equipped to provide better safety for the user against potential legal issues by ensuring that all required employee’s information like documentation signifying compliance etc is placed under one platform.

This helps to track imperative information regarding recruitment, hiring, benefits and compensation, employee’s office relation and subsequent termination details etc. so as to avoid any legal hassle by providing documents as and when required.

Added Benefits of QuickBooks Payroll Feature for Enterprise

1. Batched Time Sheets:

Under Payroll Process and Management tools, user can establish time sheets for more than one employee or vendor in one go. All they have to do is create a time sheet template and enter the names of those employees or vendors who have worked the same number of hours.

2. Locate Specific Employee Details in Just Few Clicks:

With Employee Center as major add on feature, all the required details of employees is stored and can be accessed from within one platform. The users can easily this tool to pay their employees, prepare filing and payment of payroll taxes and its relative liabilities without trying to locate all over the software.

Another benefit is that when payroll is processed in connection with QuickBooks all the required data is updated onto the software automatically.

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