QuickBooks Payroll for Desktop

Most of the features of QuickBooks can be used in Desktop too. One such service is QuickBooks Payroll Services that opens a wide arena for the firms to manage their work conveniently and in no time. Everyone uses desktop. There is not a single office which doesn’t use desktop for their day to day work.

Most of the work involves accounting and payroll related. QuickBooks makes your job easier. There are many features of QuickBooks Payroll for Desktop. The can be referred to as the USPs of using QuickBooks on your desktop.

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Features of QuickBooks Payroll for Desktop

1. Update of Payroll

This feature enables a firm to use all the updates pertaining to Payroll services. It gives out the most updated rates making calculations for supported state, federal tax tables, payroll tax forms, e file and pay options quite at hand’s reach.

2. Facilitates creating of Paychecks

Gone are the days when you used to manually create the paychecks with the required calculations of taxes. Now you can use QuickBooks to do the job for you. The only job you need to do is hand them over to your employees.

3. Direct Deposit

With this feature, you can deposit payroll for employees directly to the employees’ account which can be checking or savings.

4. Direct Deposit for 1099 Contractors

There are independent contractors, 1099. With this feature you can make direct deposit to those contractors.

5. View My Paychecks

Employees can now view their paychecks online 24 hours. You will be able to save papers with this feature as no more printing of pay slips will be required.

6. Federal Forms

This is another important facility in QuickBooks. It can automatically fill the forms W-2, 94X and 1099/1096 federal forms which you can print and send the federal agencies. This saves time.

7. State Forms

QuickBooks also is enhanced to fill the state tax forms by guiding you through the steps of accomplishing it. It ensures you to be compliant at all times. The assisted payroll feature QuickBooks intuit files for you and pays the taxes on behalf of you.

8. E File and E Pay

Now you needn’t go through the hassled process of filling your tax forms manually. You will not have to print and mail the forms to a physical address. Now, you can simply fill the forms electronically and send them to the agencies responsible to process it. Not just this, you can also pay electronically. That surely makes it easy and convenient. This feature however is available on enhanced payroll.

9. Workers’ Comp

QuickBooks is inbuilt with an extremely amazing feature which goes through your payroll data in real time basis and instead of you paying anything in advance, Workers’ Comp premiums are paid automatically by it. Lead your business hassle free.

10. No tax penalties guaranteed

This feature can bring a big curve on anyone’s face. You needn’t worry about the delay in paying your taxes. Even if you don’t make it on time, QuickBooks pays the payroll tax penalty.

11. Free Expert support

There are several resources that help you in successfully running the payroll, paying taxes on time and filling your forms on time. In case of any difficulty in accomplishing the above mentioned task, Payroll Support Website, Payroll Year End Centre, Payroll tax Compliance and Payroll Community Centre can help in being your guide.

12. After-the-Fact Payroll

If a single spreadsheet screen is made available for the fact paychecks, then the after the fact payroll helps the accountants to enter the data, validate adjust.

13. Create Tax forms for Clients on Standard or Basic Payroll

If any user has standard or basic subscription, QuickBooks can help produce forms of federal and state tax.

14. Client ready Payroll reports

If you are looking for professional paper records of each payroll run and want an analysis of the payroll of clients, then client ready report can be of great help as it easily provides you with them.

15. Filing as a Reporting Agent

with QuickBooks, you can file federal forms as an authorized e file provider. It deems you legitimate.

16. Auto Fill Option for Paid Preparer Information

If you are looking to fill in the federal forms with paid preparers, then installing QuickBooks on desktop is highly recommended. It does the work automatically for you.

QuickBooks Payroll has been earning high acclamation amongst the firms and varied users. The user friendly behavior and high accuracy reporting system and convenience to the T makes the payroll feature the most desired one. Stop the conventional method of accounting to set the unconventional standard in the field of Accounting.

It is an added advantage to those firms who have been continuing with the traditional method of depositing paychecks, filing taxes and reviewing reports. This Desktop version of QuickBooks is highly in demand for the feasibility of its usability.

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  1. What are the reports that we get using payroll?

    The reports that are easy to make using payroll are as follows:-

    💠Time activities
    💠Payroll tax liability
    💠Multiple worksites
    💠Vacation and Sick leave
    💠Payroll deductions and contributions
    💠Worker’s Comp
    💠Payroll tax and wage summary.

  2. How many employees can be added to the software and what type of businesses can use the QuickBooks Payroll?

    You can add up to 250 employees that can vary according to the subscription. The businesses of small-size or medium-size can use the QuickBooks Payroll. It is for all industries whether they are nonprofits, accountants, construction, and more.

  3. What kind of tax forms of payroll are available? Name all of them?

    There are federal and state tax forms available for you are 944, W-2, 940/schedule A, W-3, 945a, 1096, 943/943a, 941/Schedule B, and 1099-MISC. In this, the Basic subscription won’t include any forms of payroll taxes.

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