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QuickBooks Payroll Advance

 Enter A Payroll Advance In Quickbooks

Smoothly Record Employee Advance Payment in QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll was developed by Intuit for easing the Payroll Services of businesses irrespective of their size and nature. QuickBooks Payroll is a subscription that is added to the QuickBooks software comprising of well designed features and tools. The solutions offered can be used by the accountants for to smoothly manage the payroll system of a company with complete accuracy and quality. The payroll software helps to design, customize and print unlimited pay checks, file & timely payment of the payroll taxes on time. Payroll software are further divided into three categories – Basic, Enhanced and Full. The versions are featured according to different business requirements. The QB Payroll Enhanced version offers powerful tools and features in comparison to basic and full service payroll.

How to Record Employee Advance Payment in Payroll

QuickBooks Online Payroll supports advances by assisting you to set a cash advance deduction and further forwarding the deduction to the employees. Consult your accountant prior performing the task so that it brings profit to your business. The cash advance is provided to the employee in the form of check directly but not through the payroll system. You need to set up the deduction to repay the Advance.

For setting up the deduction after the advance is given to the employee, follow the steps listed below:

Steps to set up deduction for repayment of a Cash Advance:
✥ Select the name of your company name ➫ then select Payroll Settings
✥ Click Deductions or Contributions
✥ Select Add new deduction or contribution
✥ Select other deductions from the drop down category
✥ From the Type dropdown Select Cash Advance Repayment from type dropdown
✥ Enter a description -> then click OK.

Steps to assign cash advance deduction to an employee:
✸ Click Employees -> then employee’s name
✸ Choose to edit in the Deductions & Contributions section, under Pay
✸ Select the cash advance deduction you created earlier
✸ Choose either $ amount or % of Gross Pay
✸ Mention the amount or percentage
✸ Enter the annual maximum amount ➫ click save ➫ click OK.
✸ Deduction can be added to their check.

In case you are not able to perform the steps rightly you can connect with QuickBooks Payroll support. The customer support team is proficient enough to handle the issues smoothly and in a short time. Alternatively you can call to the qbpayroll.help to resolve the QuickBooks payroll issues. The in house team at the trusted QuickBooks Company assures prompt approach and resolution in a very short time. Call to the toll free number ? 1844 827 3817 and garner excellent QuickBooks services.

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