What is QuickBooks Error 15242 & 15243 and How to fix them?

Error Code 15242, 15243 – QuickBooks Payroll Update

QuickBooks Error 15242 and 15243

QuickBooks Error 15242 and 15243 crops up when you are trying to use and update either QuickBooks or Payroll. This error message denotes that the payroll updates released by Intuit cannot be downloaded and installed properly due to some reasons.

The updates released by Intuit are imperative for the software as they generally consist of fixes and resolutions for bugs faced with the current version going around in the market and at latest the previous version released. At times updates also integrate new powerful features with the software that enhances the experience of using the software.

When you try to update QuickBooks or Payroll with new releases, it does not successfully does so and you face following message:

  • “Error 15242: 15243: The payroll update did not complete successfully. The QuickBooks FCS is not responding or is damaged.”
  • Error 15242: 15243: The QuickBooks update did not complete successfully. The QuickBooks FCS is not responding or is damaged.”

The main issue comes as QuickBooks FCS (File Copy Service) is not responding accordingly. The issue can put a stop to the smooth processing of the QuickBooks and payroll system. It is imperative to resolve the issue swiftly as this will stop the flow of work which will undoubtedly affect the business.

Step to Fix QuickBooks Error 15242 & 15243

  • Re-validating the Subscription of Payroll: First resolution to manually solve the Error codes 15242 & 15243 is by logging into QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance screen and then re-validating the subscription of payroll. To do so follow the direction enumerated below:
    1. Open your QuickBooks software and then select Employees tab followed by My Payroll Service option and then select Account or Billing Information option from the menu bar.
    2. This will open a new screen labeled QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance.
    3. Now close this page of QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance. The software will re-validate the payroll subscription.
    4. After the validation process gets completed again try to update the software.
  • Download Latest Payroll Updates: Ensure that the updates you are trying to download are latest and in correspondence with the software version you are employing.
  • Error Applicable to Computer System: Try to determine whether the errors occur only one computer system or on others as well. You can do this by trying to install updates on other computer system.
  • Clean Install in Selective Startup: The errors can be resolved by uninstalling and then reinstalling the software again properly.

These four resolutions should solve the Error codes 15242 and 15243 swiftly. However, if you are still facing the issue, you should get in touch with the Intuit customer care support team. In case you are in urgency and are not able to get connected with the QuickBooks Payroll support team of Intuit, you can go for alternative like QBPayrollHelp through their ever responsive toll free number +1-844-827-3817.

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