What is QuickBooks Error 15240 & How to fix it?

QuickBooks Payroll Update Error Code 15240

QuickBooks Error 15240

QuickBooks Error 15240 can imply to QuickBooks software itself or with QuickBooks Payroll software. Due to this you are unable to properly download and install version updates released by Intuit.

This error results in delay of downloading and installing updates released by Intuit for the QuickBooks Desktop version employed by the user. These updates are imperative for the software as they contain resolutions for the bugs and issues faced with the current QuickBooks version. The payroll processes and other QuickBooks functions get affected if these updates are not installed properly and in time. Thus it is imperative to resolve the issue without further delay.

While trying to update payroll or the QuickBooks software with latest fixes and features you might face one of the following enumerated error messages:

  1. “Error 15240: HRESULT XXXXX The Payroll Update Did Not Complete Successfully.”
  2. “Error 15240: HRESULT XXXXX The QuickBooks Update Did Not Complete Successfully.”

Followed by
“The error (qbupdate_error_package_install_FCS_file_nowritepermission) is returned by the File Copy Service (FCS)”

You might additionally face error messages as stated –

“Error 15240: The update did not complete successfully or the file specified cannot be opened”

While trying to update the QuickBooks software you may encounter message stating:

“File Exists: The file specified cannot be opened. Ensure that it is not being used by any other program or application.”

For swift resolution of the QuickBooks Error 15240, there are many manual resolutions as suggested by Intuit’s ever advanced and experienced team of ProAdvisors. In most of the cases the first resolution, generally, solves the issue. However, if that does not work, then proceed to next resolution. Although it is recommended to follow the order of the resolution, it is not necessary to do so.

Resolutions for QuickBooks Error 15240

  1. Run QuickBooks as Administrator: For this first close your QuickBooks Desktop software, go to the QuickBooks icon on desktop, right click mouse and select the option ‘Run as Administrator’.
  2. Permission Set by OS for QuickBooks Software: At times the permissions and restrictions set by the Windows and security software interfere in proper working of the QuickBooks software. Ensure that is not the case.
  3. SSL2 Option: Ensure that the SSL2 option provided in Internet options is checked and working properly.
  4. Reinstall with Clean Install Tool: This tool ensures that when you uninstall and then re install any software, all the files are also removed at the time of installation of the file. This helps to ensure no interference is caused by left behind files of previously installed software.

These resolutions mentioned can easily resolve the problem of QuickBooks Error 15240. However if you still face issue, then you should immediately contact the prompt QuickBooks Payroll technical support team of Intuit or QuickBooks who shall resolve the error properly. In case you are in urgency and cannot afford to wait in the long queue, you can try to connect to with alternative agency called QBPayrollHelp for swift gratification from the error via +1-844-827-3817 (Toll Free Number).

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