What is QuickBooks Error 15204 and How to fix it?


QuickBooks Error 15204 is a result of improper download and installation of QuickBooks and payroll updates. This error stops the user from the installing the imperative updates for the Payroll system and QuickBooks software.

The updates are the way through which Intuit accords QuickBooks and Payroll users with resolutions and fixes for the errors and bugs recurring with current version of the software available in the market. The point to be kept in mind is to download these updates within the specified time period mentioned with these updates.

The QuickBooks error 15204 and other mentioned error codes crop up when downloading the payroll or QuickBooks updates process is going on. Some of the error codes with similar reason are:

Before going forward with the resolution, it is imperative that the user verifies the following key points:

  • QuickBooks Payroll has an active subscription.
  • The user has active and stable connection with Internet.
  • Full accessibility towards secured websites.

Best Way to Fix QuickBooks Error 15204

Resolution: There are number of resolutions for Error Code 15204 listed below. It is recommended to follow each resolution in the sequence it is mentioned below and also try to download updates after every solution process so that not all methods have to be followed.

  • Installation of Certificate for Digital Signature:
    1. Go to C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks in order to search the Windows for QBW32.exe.
    2. Now right click the mouse on QBW32.exe and then click on properties.
    3. Under this locate Digital Signature option, click on it while ensuring that Intuit, Inc. option is selected under this list.
    4. Select Details option.
    5. In the new screen named Digital Signature Details, select View Certificate option.
    6. This shall open the Certificate screen wherein you will be needed to select Install Certificate option.
    7. Now keep selecting Next tab till you reach the Finish option. Now click on Finish tab.
    8. Restart your computer system and then open QuickBooks software.
    9. Now again try to download updates again.
  • Internet Connection and QuickBooks Settings: If the above resolution doesn’t work, then the next step is to verify that the Internet connection is stable for swift and non interfering way of downloading the required updates. Compatibility of the QuickBooks software via the settings set for the software as well as the Internet is secured.
  • Firewall and Security Software: Ensure that the restrictions and personal settings of the Firewall along with security software are not stopping the updates from getting downloaded and installed.
  • Microsoft Cryptographic Services: These services can get corrupted or damaged which end up causing Error Code 15204. To resolve it, the user can try a tool easily found on http://support.microsoft.com/kb/822798.
  • Safe Mode: Try to resolve the error by starting up the QuickBooks software in safe mode.

The above five resolutions and tips can easily fix the QuickBooks error 15204. However, if the issue still persists it is recommended to immediately get in touch with expert technical support team of Intuit or QuickBooks. If the user is in hurry and not in a state to wait out the long queue, an alternative support agency called QBPayrollHelpcan be contacted via QuickBooks Payroll Support Number 1-844-827-3817.

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