Intuit Enhanced Payroll for Accountants

Intuit Enhanced Payroll software came into existence with the aim of providing accountants and bookkeepers all over the world with an easy way of handling the company’s payroll and tax requirements.

The software jumped to popularity due to its innovative combination of powerful features with easy to use intuitive interface.

The software provides many benefits that are enumerated below:

  • Direct Deposit, Print Paychecks and Pay Cards option for employee’s salary.
  • On time filing and payment of taxes.
  • E-pay and e-file tools for taxes.
  • Easily integrates with QuickBooks Accounting software

Direct Deposit Feature

Intuit Enhanced Payroll offers users with option of Direct Deposit to transfer salary to employees without needing to print or email paychecks. It is at times more convenient to employees as well as employers.

Another option apart from Direct Deposit and paychecks are Intuit Pay Cards which is type of Debit or ATM card of the company which can be used for internal processes of the company’s as well.

The payroll also allows for part payment through Direct Deposit and other half with paychecks or pay cards. With Direct deposit option you can also easily edit details of the employee such as their banking information.

These transactions related to Direct Deposit should be provided to respective authorities by 5 p.m. as per Pacific Time at least two business days prior to salary day. Paychecks, alternatively, can be deposited in two accounts in the name of the same employee.

Another benefit of this method is that you do not need to print or email pay stubs, that save money and can be easily viewed by the employees on their main payroll interface.

Payroll Taxes Feature

Intuit Enhanced Payroll also provides subtle and excellent ways of dealing with payroll taxes. It accurately calculates the correct amount of state and federal taxes that need to be filed for and paid.

The software also keeps an account of when the taxes have to be filed and the payment due of the same. It automatically compiles documents and completes the taxes forms that the only job left for you is to print the form, authenticate them with your sign and then mail it.

Alternatively these forms can also be mailed electronically through e-file and paid via e-pay tool. The mostly used federal and state payroll forms that need to be filed are

At times some State tax forms are not filled for which the software automatically accords State Tax summary report completed with all the necessary data of your taxes.

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll Support

Intuit Enhanced Payroll offers users with much ease in following payroll activities and filing for taxes. It is perfect software for tackling taxes tasks such as filing the papers and then payment of the same.

At times you might get stuck while using the software in which case it is recommended that you immediately get in touch with the Intuit or QuickBooks Payroll technical support team who can figure out the cause of the problem and resolve it in minimal time period. If you are unable to connect with them due to long queue or any other similar issue, you can alternatively opt to call on the Toll free Number of QBPayrollHelp 📞+1-844-827-3817.


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