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The Intuit (QuickBooks) payroll direct deposit form is a legal document that must be signed by employees requesting automatic deposit of paychecks and retained on file by the employer.

This legal document permits employers to give payments to their employees through direct deposit. Initially, you have to decide on the accounts you need to get deposited to and then notify the information regarding the target Accounts.

Additionally, you will require including Name and then authorizing your employer to perform such deposits. Let’s explore the Intuit Payroll direct deposit form through the below article:

The majority of the Employers who need this legal form (direct deposit form) might have to submit a blank voided check. However, it depends upon the Employee whether to contact an Employers Payroll Department to know the exact procedure and other paperwork documents needed to set up Direct Deposit payment and additional insights about it. They can consult to know in-depth about the same.

Significance of QuickBooks direct deposit authorization:

This authorization lets the Employee claim a direct deposit from the Employee. The preferred Employee must fill this legal direct deposit form and then handed over to the applicable payroll department for storing files. Along with this form, as mentioned above, it is mandatory to attach a voided check.

The directly receiving of funds instantly into saving accounts or checking accounts saves more time as it takes in depositing a physical check in the bank. It is a more time-consuming process of waiting for a check to clear. 

How to Write QuickBooks direct deposit form?

  • The first step is downloading the Intuit/QuickBooks Payroll Direct Deposit form in a PDF format
  • Now locate the information that form is asking the Employee to fill the information related to the principle account into which he needs to deposit the funds. Write the following entries:
    1. Type of Account (Savings or Checking)
    2. Account number
    3. Bank routing number
    4. Amount need to be deposited (Dollar or Percentage as preferred).
  • Go toward the proceeding section of the form, which acts as an optional or applicable only if your amounts are subdivided into two accounts. If there is this situation, then you need to fill the same details as you did in the earlier step. Leave the fields blank if you are planning to deposit the paycheck into a single sole account
  • After this, provide a voided check for the suitable account
  • At last, review the final paragraph carefully to ensure that you are confirming that it is you that are authorizing this information.
  • Now fill your company name in the field located at the top, write your full name, employee ID, and the date of completing the form.
  • Take the print copy of the document, sign it and hand over to your employer or other payroll supervise for further action and processing.
Final Words:

Hopefully, the above information about QuickBooks direct deposit form is understandable. So start downloading this legal document to claim for direct deposit on your account. Apart from this, you need to explore more without any hesitation reach out the help desk number phone number : 📞+ . For instant assistance do a chat with expertise through 24/7 live-chat. Meanwhile, you can send an email with your questions to get the better assistance on time.


  1. What is the purpose of the final paragraph in the direct deposit form?

    The last paragraph is used to assure the confirmation that you are authorizing the document

  2. What information needs to be deposited while filling the direct deposit form?

    💠Account type
    💠Account number
    💠The dollar amount to be deposited
    💠Bank routing number

  3. Name the bank account types that you can send a direct deposit to?

    The online payroll services can deposit both into saving accounts and standard checking accounts. You are permitted to deposit into money market checking accounts According to the bank basics. The account should be compatible for direct transaction accept

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