QuickBooks 2014 Payroll Problems

QuickBooks Payroll software has changed the way small and medium sized businesses tackle payroll tasks, which although tedious, are quite imperative for smooth operation of the organization. They hold the secret to keep the business’s employees happy and satisfied as it is through this system the transfer of salary and incentives takes place.

QuickBooks 2014 payroll software ensures that the employees of the business get timely salary along with added bonus and process of transfer remains as smooth and interruption free as possible. The amount calculated through this is also accurate and authentic as possible because all the calculations are performed mechanically on the basis of initial information typed in by the accountant.

Considering the software is created on the codes, it is quite obvious that the software might fall prey to errors and end up in problems.

Reasons of QuickBooks Payroll 2014 Problems

  • QuickBooks Payroll Software subscription is not active.
  • The software setting clash with the setting set for Internet Explorer.
  • Security settings for both Firewall and security software restricts the software.
  • Date / Time displayed on the system are incorrect.

Fix Frequent Crashing Problem in QuickBooks Payroll

  • First and Foremost reboot your computer system.
  • Now open QuickBooks file and then close any and all opened windows.
  • Run sync with the schedule software. (First ensure that the date and time displayed on the system is correct)
Note: Do not open the payroll software.
  • Close the QuickBooks software and again restart the computer system.
  • Now it is time to open the payroll and click on start scheduling option. (It is quite possible that it is blank and not show any hours for the employees.)
  • Now reboot the computer again after closing the software.
  • This time when the user will open the QuickBooks software he or she can view all the hours from payroll.
  • Now run payroll process while making some small changes. Do not mail or print paystubs yet.
  • Now again reboot the computer after closing the QuickBooks software.
  • Email paystubs and print checks after closing all unnecessary QuickBooks Windows.
Need Professional Help?

The above step should allow user to avoid the crashing problem of QuickBooks 2014 Payroll errors. However if the issue still persists it is imperative for the user to get in touch with QuickBooks payroll support for professional and prompt resolution. In case of urgency the user might not want to wait in long queue usually found at these numbers. In such case the user can opt for alternative agency providing same support called QBpayrollhelp through their QuickBooks payroll helpdesk number 📞+1-844-827-3817.