QuickBooks 2013 Payroll Problems

From the moment R6 update was introduced for QuickBooks 2013, many of the users of QuickBooks reported a problem of missing fields, especially with their payroll software. Take for example the screen for writing checks; many users claimed that fields like Class of Customers, Billable Box, and Customer – Job are missing and cannot be viewed at all.

Another point about this payroll problem is that it is not true for all the company files, which in essence means that one file might seem ok but the other might have fields missing. To help resolve the issue of missing fields, a proper resolution is enumerated below.

The moment R6 update for QuickBooks 2013 was released; many users realized this issue and promptly reported it to Intuit. A team of technical experts led by Alex Wall probed the issue thoroughly. Following the complete investigation a proper explanation and resolution was provided to the public.

By identifying the root cause for the problem, a swift and easy solution was decided upon. The problem is caused by the Font settings set in Windows system and the answer to the problem is to set all the settings related to Font in Windows System to ‘Default’.

In fact the main reason behind this error is DPI setting and not the updates released by Intuit. QuickBooks was created with settings that work best with default values of DPI. Since QuickBooks 2007 any changes in DPI setting, not set to default, can result in strange malfunctioning in the User Interface. This issue is applicable for not only QuickBooks but also other applications and software installed in the system.

In fact the problem is not only related to DPI settings, but can also be affected by the settings of resolution of the system. The solution for this is to set the setting of DPI to default or normal, that is 96dpi, and keep the resolution of the computer system to low in order to keep a good balance between the windows real estate and visibility.

Lowering the Windows screen resolution also helps to great extent. Suppose the screen resolution is set at 1920 * 1080, then the icons, fonts and all the displayed will be very small in size. DPI is basically used to make the fonts big in size, thus, if the screen resolution is down then everything will be easier to see as it is big in size. The user should try different mixes of resolution to narrow down the most comfortable one.

  • 1440 * 900 and 1680 * 1050 are perfect for computer monitors having wide and large screen.
  • 1280 * 800 and 1024 * 768 are suitable for small screens ranging around 17 inches or 19 inches.

Step to Resolve QuickBooks 2013 Payroll Issue

First and foremost the user needs to customize the settings of DPI for all the Windows OS supported by the QuickBooks 2013. It is quite common for display features of QuickBooks software to get affected by the Windows resolution and font settings. If the settings are not set at default, any of the above listed issue can crop up.

This issue can be fixed by modifying the resolution of the system and font along with other settings.

1. For Windows 7 and Windows 8:

  • Close QuickBooks software and on the desktop screen right click the mouse.
  • Now select Personalize option from the menu displayed.
  • On the left side of the screen you will find Display button, click on it.
  • Select the option Smaller – 100% (which is default) to ensure all the text and other icons as well as items remain at normal size.

2. For Windows XP

  • After closing the software – right click mouse on the desktop window.
  • From the menu cropped up select Properties option which will open a screen labeled Display Properties.
  • Now select the tab called settings.
  • Click and select the advanced option from the menu.
  • In this modify the DPI size settings to Normal (96 DPI).

3. For Windows Vista

  • Once you close the QuickBooks software, on the desktop right click mouse and then further opt for Personalize option.
  • This will open Appearance and Personalization. Locate Adjust Font Size (DPI) on the left side of the screen.
  • Now click on the option labeled Default scale (96DPI)
Need Professional Help?

These steps should resolve the issue of missing fields and column from QuickBooks payroll software. In case the issue persists, the user is advised to immediately contact Intuit’s customer support team. However if the user is in hurry, he can opt for alternative agency called QBPayrollHelp through their Toll Free QuickBooks Payroll Helpdesk Number 📞+1-844-827-3817.


  1. What are the company preferences that I have to do for QuickBooks 2013 Payroll problems?

    The preferences that you have to do for your QuickBooks payroll are as follows:-

    1. In QuickBooks 2013, click on the Edit menu option
    2. Then select the option Preferences
    3. Go to the left side pane and click on the Payroll and Employees option
    4. Now in the opened window, click on the tab Company Preferences
    5. Go to the section QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Features
    6. Click on the Full Payroll option then click on the OK button.

  2. What if I am not able to create payroll and face this as QuickBooks 2013 Payroll problems?

    In this case, try to create the QuickBooks Payroll manually. Follow these steps to create payroll:-

    1. In the QuickBooks, search for the Manual Payroll option
    2. Now, select Calculate Payroll Manually
    3. The setting name Set your company file to use the manual payroll calculations
    4. In this, click on the link Manual Payroll calculations
    5. You have to click on the option Set my company file to use the manual calculations link
    6. After this, close the QuickBooks Desktop and again open the QuickBooks.

  3. How can I make the Internet Explorer browser the default browser to fix my QuickBooks 2013 Payroll problems as many problems happen because of not making IE as default browser?

    1. In your system, open the Internet Explorer browser
    2. Go to the Gear icon and click on it
    3. Select the Internet Options from the drop-down menu
    4. In the window of Internet Options, click on the Programs tab
    5. Select the option Make default 
    6. Then click on the OK button.


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