Privacy Policy

The main motive of crafting QBpayrollhelp is on foundation of dedication and guarantee towards customer services. The list of existing and new clientele is ensured guarantee of security and confidentiality of all the personal and financial data as well as documents that you have provided to our accountants. Keeping the sensitive data and information of the clients safe and secure is priority for us. The headquarters of QBpayrollhelp is located in Chicago, United States. It is known for having in-depth knowledge from all the accumulated data both commercial and personal. We cater excellent services to our clients with full assurance of the legality of our work. We know the main concern while outsourcing data is sensitivity of the given information and the damage that can be caused by its leakage. Keeping this worry of yours in mind we have devised the following policy which informs as to why QBpayrollhelp is best outsourcing company for your accounting software services.

Type of Information We Collect from You

Once you click on our official link you will be welcomed by asking you to provide certain type of personal information which can be beneficial for the future proceedings and communication. We also use this data to provide better experience and improve the website for better enhanced communication with us. We gather both personal and non-personal information from you, such as: Client or its entity identity and contact details, financial information, Information as required by QB experts, Share portfolio information, Creditor information etc. Further information will be asked as per requirements.

It will be solely to your consent that this information can either be provided by you directly or through a third party agent such as accountant you were in touch with.

Trust Policy of QBpayrollhelp

It is very difficult to show trust to any third party with data that you don’t even trust with your employees. We at QBpayrollhelp place special emphasis on data security and confidentiality kept with us. We place the data in high security computer system which is locked with high security passwords and the system itself is kept in a secure area having appropriate back-up system both on and off site. Many accounting firms, for processing of cost cutting service, send your private data overseas. However, that is not practiced with QBpayrollhelp as our policy is to access your information either in your office or ours.

We prefer to hire employees very carefully as they need to have certain set of qualities so that there is no chance of leakage. They are trained to ensure complete confidentiality of the clients’ data and to maintain proper security of the same. We use latest technology to control any misuse of the information provided.

Our Guarantee – Complete Security

We might not be able to provide you security against the information accessed by third parties; associations like PASBA consist of rules and regulations that safeguard the clients’ data both physically and electronically and are in accordance with the federal regulations. The security measures are as follows:

  • Restricted access to firm premises
  • Unique client identifiers
  • Computer password authentication
  • Offsite data backup
  • Server Encryption and site monitoring
  • Computer Firewalls & intrusion detection
  • Computer, Internet and Email Policy
  • Building Security
  • Audit trail of access to client data
  • Confidentiality clauses in employment agreements

About Cookies

Eventually, it happens that during browsing websites we sometimes choose to turn off the cookies option. If that is the case, you will be able to go through our website without the advantage of being able to use forms provided online. Whether your cookies option is turned ‘On’ or ‘Off’, our website will be able to track your movement which will be used for analysis purpose on an average basis. This data is collected with the purpose of providing better and relevant content for the visitors. Personal information of the visitor is not acquired by the website. It is provided by the visitor himself voluntarily. In case you provide private information such as your name, contact details etc. it is interpreted that you agree to let the website use your information as per the norms of the privacy statement.