Is QuickBooks Payroll Down ?

QuickBooks Payroll has eased the workload of accountants and bookkeepers across the world by automatically completing certain payroll tasks that are vital for the business but are definitely time taking. These tasks require manual input only in the initial stage and after that all the processes are completed automatically by the software.

The efficiency of the software is only marred when the payroll processes do not function properly or the network / server over which the software is working goes down. One of the biggest issues with the server down is that all the internal processes of QuickBooks Payroll gets affected and, you will get the error “QuickBooks Payroll Down,” which invariably delays in completion of the required payroll tasks.

Due to frustration many user dialing QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service Number again & again which is not right , check below what should user have to during down time of QB Payroll Services .

Causes of Server down in QuickBooks

Server down issue does not occur from user sides, usually occurs from Intuit. There are two main reasons behind the issue “server down”. 

  • Server is down due to server outage
  • Pre-planned maintenance of the site

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Two main reasons behind QuickBooks Payroll Server Down is either the server outage or pre-planned maintenance of the site by Intuit.

In case of Server Outage of QuickBooks Payroll, you should follow tips and instruction enumerated below:

  • In the scenario you are shown a link – it invariably means there has been an error of server outage.
  • As there is no remedy for this problem, the only way out is to wait for the site to come back on. To be made aware about the same, you can sign-up for notification through email when the service turns back on.
    1. All you have to do is click on the link stating – Email You and fill in the required details of your name along with email address

In some cases user unable to login QB Payroll during offline mode of payroll service

Intuit Payroll Down For Maintenance

When the server goes down because of a pre-planned maintenance reason, the users are informed in advance by Intuit by dropping in alert notifications on the dashboard along with details regarding the time and date of maintenance. It is advisable to keep note of these notifications so that appropriate planning can be done in advance in order to avoid any loss of business.

Contact Support For Long Time Down Intuit QB Payroll Services

When the user starts getting notified with QuickBooks Payroll Error 500, it generally means problem has occurred with the server. This results in user being unable to update details under employees section of the software. When asked by the experts regarding Error 500 server issue, many advised to perform a thorough check of the Internet connectivity and settings allowing for third party cookies and clearance of cache. Once the settings has been customized user should again try to login to the software to verify that server is connected or not. Intuit generally recommends Chrome or Firefox browser for network connectivity.

For any more information on QuickBooks Payroll Server Down issue you can contact our QuickBooks Payroll Support team through website – QBPayrollHelp or call on Toll Free Number – +1844 827 3817.


  1. What are the impacts of QuickBooks Payroll Server down?

    When the payroll server is down, then some processes and components do not function properly. A QuickBooks internal process gets impacted and significantly delays the required tasks.

  2. What are the primary reasons for a server down in QuickBooks?

    💠 Server Outage
    💠 Pre-planned site maintenance

  3. Can Maintenance of Site be the reason for a Payroll server down?

    Yes, pre-maintenance is sometimes the cause of your server goes down. In this, users are notified in advance through an alert notification on the dashboard. This notification contains all the details, including maintenance data & time. So it is highly recommended to check the notification before planning any business task to prevent conflicts & loss.

  4. What to do in the case of Server Outage?

    Locate if there appear server outage errors. However, there is no solution to solve the issue; the only method is to wait for the site to active again. For getting the notification regarding the same, you have to sign-up for it by email. You require clicking on the displaying link; enter the emails and other information which is asking.