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Intuit Payroll Upgrade

QuickBooks Payroll Upgrade Pricing and Other Details

How to Upgrade QB Payroll
Upgrade of software is one of the finest ways to keep your business functioning with latest tools and technologies. Intuit Payroll software upgrade is no different. As Intuit follows rigid sunset policies, it is imperative for QuickBooks Add-on services like QuickBooks Merchant Services, Credit Card Processing, Intuit Payroll Services, Bill Pay and Online Banking Solutions, to be upgraded every three years at least in order to gain benefit from expert support of Intuit set up customer care team. As per sunset policies of Intuit, support is offered to only the current and two previous versions of the software. Generally this sunset of older versions of software occurs in the month of May every year, for example customer support for Intuit Payroll 2014 ends in May 2017 and the versions before that (2014) have already gone out of validity.

QB Payroll Desktop Upgrade Instruction

For those users who have not upgraded and are facing situation similar to above one, it is imperative to do so as soon as possible so as to avoid getting their support removed. In essence, QuickBooks software will function properly but without the added benefit of Intuit’s customer support. Moreover, integrated software like Intuit Payroll will also not work properly. Some tips and tricks related to Intuit Payroll Upgrade:

? A new version of QuickBooks Payroll gets released in the months of fall, that is, around September and October.
? Whenever the user upgrades their QuickBooks software, Intuit Payroll integrated with it also gets transferred to the new version of the software. This is due to the fact that as an add-on service, it is integrated within the company file of QuickBooks as well. However, it is imperative to keep the Payroll subscription active by paying the fees in time and without delay.
? When you upgrade from older version of Intuit Payroll to newer version, it transfers all the data stored within the software without much hassle. As soon as the newer version is installed, a ‘Wizard’ process collects all the old data and transfers into the new version.
? The best part about upgrading to newer version is that users do not need to learn the latest QuickBooks Payroll version as the core functionalities like writing checks and salary processing system has not changed
Although every new version comes with new tools and features, the basic functionalities have remained the same.

Upgrade QuickBooks Mac Payroll Desktop

The upgrade process of Intuit Payroll Software can take up to few minutes to hours, depending on the current situation of the computer system the software is installed in. The other factors affecting the speed of the upgrade process includes the size of the company file as well as processor speed of the system.

Common QB Payroll Upgrade Error Code

User may receive some error codes listed below which not only stop payroll to upgrade, but also damage QD data, So its advisable take backup first while upgrading.

Help Technical Support QB Payroll Upgrade

The upgrade of Intuit Payroll can easily be done by the user himself as long as they are little tech savvy. However, if the user faces any issues with the process they should immediately get in touch with QuickBooks Payroll Tech support team of Intuit or QuickBooks. For more details on Intuit Payroll Upgrade you can connect with us through live chat option from our website – QBPayrollHelp or directly connect via Toll Free Number – Call QB Payroll Support 1844 827 3817.

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