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Intuit Payroll Invoice

How to Send Email Invoices Through QuickBooks Payroll

Intuit Payroll Invoice  Setup
Invoicing for any business plays an essential role which becomes even more imperative in case of self employed, accountants and bookkeepers (freelancers). Invoicing plays an important role as without this user might not get paid and further business activities will get affected consequently. However it is imperative to be armed with correct details regarding invoice, preferred software options.

Perfect Invoice Software

Accounting software like QuickBooks set up by Intuit is one of the perfect software where invoice tools and ease are concerned. It accords user with power to create and send out invoices in a matter of minutes. From sending out single invoice to multiple dispatches of invoices, both are possible with QuickBooks accounting software at hand.

Constant Payment Reminders

There are times when the clients genuinely forget to make payment within stipulated time period as the invoice details skip their mind. To avoid delay in payment after the date mentioned on the invoice, user can send a friendly reminder to their client for the payment approaching.

Recurring Invoice / Billing

At times we set up client relationship for long term in which scenario, user can set up recurring bill format. This process is much more feasible to handle than creating and sending new invoices and then awaiting the payment of the same. Under this the client’s credit card is set to automatically provide certain amount every month on regular basis.

Advance Payment of Invoice

There are instances wherein the user can get paid not only in time mentioned on the invoice, but also might get paid in advance, especially in cases of service providers. This is generally labeled as deposit or retainer where half payment is done in advance and rest once the project is complete. This form called deposit is quite common within industry market and thus gets accepted easily by almost all clients.

Add Late Fees and Discounts

Users can also dictate terms of invoice through late fees and discounts. These terms are to be added in the bottom of the invoice where the late fees rules and regulations should be clearly stated. Such as user can add clauses stating that the accounts unpaid after 2 weeks of the date in the invoice will be subjected to late fee charge of 2%. Generally these clauses ensure timely payment of invoices, however, in case that is not so, user can follow up with the client and set up new terms.

User should be ready with an alternate plan in case of non-payment of the invoice. They can either inform the client about delay in legal writing format or warn about putting the bill under collection with aid of the court.
Additionally, you could include a discount for your clients if they pay the bill ahead of time. For example, you could deduct 2% of the amount owed if paid with 10 days.

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  • Help Support Intuit QB Payroll Email Invoicing

    QuickBooks Payroll Support services are quite vast in the terms of tools and features provided to business owners who wish to perform their payroll activities using the software. The best individuals to approach where guidance under this payroll service is the group of professional expert team set up by Intuit. They are intensively trained and have proficient knowledge regarding the software to resolve any and all sorts of problems within stipulated time period. If you face any issue, QuickBooks Payroll support team can be called upon for resolution. In case urgency alternative option is to connect with QuickBooks Payroll third party agencies like QBPayrollHelp through their website – QBPayrollHelp or calling on toll free number – Call QB Payroll Support 1844 827 3817.

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