Import Payroll Data into QuickBooks

Enhanced features of QuickBooks make things easy and simple to uplift business productivity. It is integrated with many applications to find out more accuracy and best outcomes. Among all applications, Payroll is one of the best-integrated apps to track all accountancy programs related to your bank accounts (which are associated with your business) and all expenses.  But to track all programs in one place, sometimes companies or users want to Import the Payroll Data into QuickBooks. This blog provides complete details on how to import payroll data into QuickBooks Desktop. 

Here you find the complete details on the two most popular versions of QuickBooks such as QB desktop and QB online. If you are using the QuickBooks Desktop version then you can easily import the payroll data into the QuickBooks via utilizing the IIF file format. The thing you need to do to create the deposit paychecks and then send them to their employees. For more information, stay in tune with this blog till the last. 

Keep Things in Mind before you Plan to Import Data into Quickbooks 

Entering data into QuickBooks might be a tricky and time-consuming process. To make it easy,  discover an outsourced payroll company that not only manages all aspects of Payroll but also provides a file that respects the aspects of the Payroll.

Once you get that, then it will give you a file that will import the payroll data into QuickBooks. Find a few tips and tricks for importing payroll data to QuickBooks appropriately. 

1. Find a reliable and the best payroll company that has experience with importing payroll data to QuickBooks. 

In the market, you find several companies that ask they can give you a file that will help you to import the payroll data to QuickBooks.

However, many of them failed to prove it. You have to find the best payroll company and ensure about it.  

2. Connect with the Selected Payroll Company to get acknowledge about the import file with account activity 

To reduce the complexities, the user has to find out the Payroll data with the guidance of payroll expertise. Once you have done, then hit the click on the Checking Account.

After this, ensure about all previous steps and then move towards the payroll company that manages the importing process. It will help you to know about the Payroll checks and then clear the bank’s fields.

You can easily view the report to review the entire payroll. To build the import file, you have to resolve every error which appeared. So, you can move forward without any interruption. 

Before Importing Payroll Data into Quickbooks, Make Sure to Create A backup file 

The user has to create a backup file because if anything goes wrong then you can go back easily to the point from where you started. 

To create the backup files, the user has to perform the below steps:

  • From the QuickBooks homepage, open the File menu 
  • Then select the “Backup” option
  • Hit the next click on the ellipsis (…) button 
  • Then, choose the location where you want to save the backup file 
  • Hit the OK button
  • A confirmation message will appear on your screen, click on the YES button
  • At last, the backup file is saved in your selected location. 

More tips and tricks

Payroll Company provides the check numbers to the direct deposits in a specific format. This will make it easy to verify and match up the direct deposit checks for the multiple payrolls. Follow the same procedure to import the payroll data but replace the format as per requirement. Once the company prepares the import file for the specific data fields, then you need to match up with QuickBooks appropriately. Most of the issues occur when the chat of accounts didn’t match. If it appears, then find a suitable solution to resolve it as soon as possible. 

Things to do before importing Data into Quickbooks

  • From the Vendor direct deposit paychecks, you have to create and send the employee direct deposit paychecks individually 
  • Create and send the direct deposit paychecks in the same company file where you sending the direct deposit paychecks. 
  • If you sending paychecks in a different company file, then you might be facing a data loss issue.
  • Once you created the paychecks, then Intuit suggests you switch to single-user mode before sending. It helps to manage the processing simply.  

How to Import the Payroll Data into QuickBooks Desktop?

To import payroll data into quickbooks desktop version, please follow the mentioned below steps:

  • Go to the QuickBooks Desktop menu and then choose the “Employees” section 
  • Click on the “Send Payroll Data” option 
  • Then, Send/Receive Payroll Data window will appear on your screen
  • Review the complete details about the Items to send area 
  • Hit the click on the “Send All” option 
  • Now, enter the Payroll Service Pin and then hit the OK button to finish the program 

how to Import Payroll data into the QuickBooks Online

The purpose of the payroll data report summarizes the Data in the Excel report option. The outcome of importing data will be found in the excel sheets. Make sure, you installed Microsoft Excel installed on your computer. To import the Payroll data to the QB online, the user needs to perform the below guidelines step-by-step:

  • From the top menu bar, click on the “Reports” menu
  • Choose the “Employees & Payroll” option 
  • Hit the next click on the “Summarize Payroll Data in Excel” 
  • In another way to do this, open the report menu that you want to export 
  • Then, choose the selected destination and Type 
  • If it is necessary, perform the guidelines to enables the macros in Excel
  • In the Excel sheet, enter the data range and 
  • Click on the “Clear” option that you want to exclude from the QB payroll reports 
  • To include or exclude the report, go to the “Optional Reports” field. Click on the Clear button to unmark the checkboxes 
  • Then customize the settings as per your according

If you want to retrieve the payroll data from QuickBooks, hit the click on the “Get QuickBooks Data” and it will display on your screen.

Final Words!

We hope the above information enough to know about the Import Payroll data into QuickBooks to get clear visibility of all expenses and profits.

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  1. How can I enter outsourced payroll in QB online?

    The first thing you have to record the employer payroll taxes as a positive number. Click on the Appropriate Payroll taxes expense accounts. Hit the Enter key to check a vendor list to match the name of the outsourced payroll company. After this, enter a check for the total amount of the payroll fee and then enter it as an expense.

  2. How would I enter payroll manually in QuickBooks online?

    Go to the Employee’s payroll pay stubs or a payroll report. Hit the Select + New button simentenously. Then, you have to choose the Journal Entry. Enter the paycheck date under the journal date field. 

  3. How can I categorize the payroll taxes in QuickBooks?

    To categorize the payroll taxes in QuickBooks, click on the Gear icon. Then, you have to choose the Payroll settings. From the setup page, go to the preferences and click on the “Accounting” option. Go to the company contribution expenses account section then select the “I use different accounts for different groups of company contribution” option.


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