How to Import & Export Payroll IIF file into QuickBooks

In QuickBooks Accounting software, the user has to import or export data, files, transactions, receipts, and many more files to share new strategies or data with other clients to work on all projects together to achieve the business goals. But, you can only import a certain number of payroll IIF files, how to resolve this. Don’t worry, this article will tell you complete about “How to import IIF file into QuickBooks” for all QuickBooks versions. Before doing importing or exporting, the user has to create a backup file to save the data from any kind of loss.

How to Import Payroll IIF file into Quickbooks Desktop?

To import the payroll IIF file, the user has to perform the following steps:

  • First of all, you have to sign in to your company file as an admin
  • Then, open the file menu and then you have to choose the utilities 
  • Hit the next click on the “Import” option 
  • After that, you have to choose the Import IIF
  • Then, you are all set to choose the IIF files that you want to import 
  • The next step is to click on the Open button 
  • Hit the click on the Ok button to confirm importing process
Point to be Noted: In any case, if you are using Multi-user mode then firstly you have to switch to the single-user mode.

 How to Import Payroll IIF file into Quickbooks Online?

In the QuickBooks Online file, before importing you are required to set up Account products, Sales Tax Products, and Names.

To do this, you have to go with the following guidelines:

  • Firstly, login into your QuickBooks account as an admin 
  • Check and make sure that you work on single-user mode 
  • Now, you have to open the company file 
  • Then, go to the Utilities and click on the “Import” button 
  • Now, you have to choose the IIF files
  • After that, you have to browse the location of the IIF file and select the file 
  • Hit the next click on the Open button 
  • A confirmation message will appear on your screen, hit the Yes button 
  • Wait until the program is not finished, hit the Ok button and you are all done with this program. 

In case, if you don’t set up the data, then the import of the IIF file will set up certain of the data but much needed it will be unusable. Then, you need to set up the account like a typical bank account. After that, your customer name is set up as another name but you can’t be used on an invoice. 

How to Export Payroll IIF file from Quickbooks Desktop

Export the Payroll IIFs file from QuickBooks Desktops in just a few simple steps which are listed below:

  • As an admin, you have to sign in to your company file 
  • Must be sure that you work on the single-user mode otherwise critical issue appears 
  • Once you ensured, then go to your file menu and open the “Utilities”
  • Hit the next click on the Export button and then choose the “List of IIF files”
  • From the available preferences, you have to choose the specific list that you want to import
  • Then, choose the “Export” option and click on the Ok button 
  • At last, you have to enter a filename and click on the Save button 

How to Export Payroll IIF files from Quickbooks Online

  • From the QuickBooks Payroll homepage, open the File menu 
  • Hit the click on it and all options will appear on your screen 
  • Then, choose the IIF files that you required to Export 
  • Click on the Export button. The process will take little time
  • Hit the Save and close to end with this program 

How to Bulk Import Payroll IIF file to Quickbooks Desktop 

To import in bulk, you have to connect your QuickBooks account to any tool or application from the QuickBooks AppStore by hitting the click on the “Get App Now” button.

Follow the steps below

  • Hit the first click on the “Upload File” menu and then choose the “upload your File” option 
  • The next step is to choose the file and spreadsheet that has an IIF file that wants to import
  • Now, you have to choose all IIF files 
  • Now, you have to set up the mapping of the columns in your import file which is corresponding to the fields in the QuickBooks 
  • Hit the click on the Import button that you will directly add to the QuickBooks company file

How to Bulk Export payroll IIF file to Quickbooks Online?

To export bulk IIF Files to the QuickBooks Online utilizing the Online application, follow the means underneath 

  • First of all, open the File Menu and then choose your IIF file. 
  • Select your file and accounting page which has IIF files to the comparing fields in QuickBooks 
  • Hit the next click on the Export and all files exported from QuickBooks company 
  • You need to map your file headers. This mapping will empower us to export all files appropriately from the QuickBooks company. 

What are the importer & exporter tools?

Import and export capacities give admittance to data from files, different applications, web administrations, and outer devices but to do it manually takes lots of time. The tool can likewise be utilized to mass-update existing data without any hassle.

The Import/Export Tool permits the administrator services to do a bulk export of classes. Exporting is the prescribed method to get the import/export layout files, regardless of whether you have not yet added genuine data to your occupant.

Playing out an export guarantee that you know about all current data and that all your data credits are reflected in the layouts. You likewise can utilize exports as a type of data backup file.

Issues & Error user might get while doing the Import or Export payroll IIF file

While importing or exporting the IIF files in QuickBooks, if you face any kind of issue which creates problems for further processing.

No need to worry, below methods, are the best and the most convenient way to fix all import and export error issues.

  • Method 1: Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release.
  • Method 2: Check system prerequisites for QuickBooks.
  • Method 3: Check if Microsoft Office requires fixing. Then fix it immediately  
  • Method 4: Switch off the Windows User Account Controls 
  • Methos 5: Reinstall QuickBooks but make sure the latest version 

There are a few errors that you may see during or after conversion. Here’s a rundown of common errors with resolutions. 

Error 1: Delete all files previously entered in QuickBooks Online 

Fix this issue with the following steps: 

You can see this error if your finance is off in QuickBooks Desktop while it’s on in QuickBooks Online. Or on the other hand, if there’s no finance information. To turn on the finance in Desktop: 

  • Go to the  Edit menu, select Preferences
  • Then choose the Payroll and Employees 
  • From the Company Preferences, you have to choose the Full Payroll or Online Payroll. 
  • You won’t be charged for finance in QuickBooks Desktop for changing this inclination. 

Error 2: Your file is too enormous to export 

In QuickBooks Desktop, press F2 or Ctrl+1 on your console to open the Product Information Window. At that point check the file size. The file can have a specific limit to import which is vary for each version. 

Error 3: We can’t export your data. It very well might be on a network drive 

The error occurs during export if your company file is in multi-client mode. It might likewise occur if your company file dwells on a network drive, or location other than you’re nearby or c: drive. Resolve this error with the are confirm below-mentioned steps:

The first step is to Switch to single-client mode. To do this, perform the below steps: 
  • From the file menu, select Switch to Single-client mode. 
  • Then select OK. 
  • If you see Switch to multi-client mode, you’re as of now in the single-client mode 
Copy your company file locally with the following guidelines
  • In QuickBooks, find your company data file. 
  • Ifconfirmare  your file is situated on an organization, or removable media like a glimmer drive, close QuickBooks Desktop, 
  • In Windows file adventurer, duplicate the company file to your nearby or c:\ drive. 
  • Open your company file in QuickBooks Desktop from the new location. 
  • Export once more 
  • From the Company menu, select Export Your Company File to QuickBooks Online.

Need Professional Help?

If you get stuck anywhere in the process, feel free to get in touch with Payroll.AccountingErrors Support Team.

If you get stuck anywhere in the process, feel free to get in touch with Payroll.AccountingErrors Support Team.