How to Calculate Salary in QuickBooks Payroll?

Employee Salary Calculation in QuickBooks Payroll

Calculate Salary in QuickBooks Payroll

For a business/company owner paying to the employees correctly and on monthly basis is highly imperative. Payroll comprise of remuneration, benefits and social security, medicare and unemployment taxes. If you are not a payroll expert you will need help in calculating your payroll, paying your employees and streamline all the necessary tax payments. You can calculate payroll on your own but is indeed a daunting task that diverts mind from the core business priorities. Payroll becomes straight forward and easy if you hire an accountant or payroll specialist.
The recommended way is to automate the process by making purchase of the full-service software or online payroll solution, such as QuickBooks Payroll.

The payroll services offer well designed solutions for small business owners who do not require many features as larger companies. Intuit has specially designed certain tools like QuickBooks Payroll Calculator that is free and can be used to calculate employee’s payroll with required information. This is usually suggested for the small businesses where the total number of employees is maximum 5. This is the best solution that will save time, effort and enhance the accuracy of the output. As it is obvious that payroll is not a simple one-time calculation. It includes complex processes to streamline the business that the owners are amid of many other business priorities. In case you manage payroll on your own you can carefully track different charges and find easy way out for you.

Intuit Paycheck Calculator

Intuit has tailored specialized tool known as paycheck calculator that can be used to calculate paychecks for hourly or salary employees. It gives you quality output in a short while. The calculator is very easy to use. You just need to enter your pay information of the employees and it processes automatically to give out details on the total amount to be paid and the total amount that will be deducted for taxes. The calculations made by the calculator are error free and the latest tax tables. There are basically two different types of paycheck calculator.

Hourly Paycheck Calculator

With the help of the hourly paycheck calculator you can automatically estimate the total pay on hourly basis to the employees after taxes and deductions are concealed. You need to choose the hourly pay rate option to enter the number of hours worked and the gross hourly rate.

Salary Paycheck Calculator

When you choose the salary paycheck calculator it automatically estimates total pay for salaried employees after taxes and deductions. You just have to select the salary pay rate option to mention the gross salary amount, and net pay is automatically calculated thereafter.

In case you are still facing problem in calculating or understanding the paycheck calculators you can contact QuickBooks Payroll support phone number. They are prompt in answering the queries and according solutions for the errors reported by the clients. You can also reach them through email id and live chat option.
Also you can approach reliable QuickBooks Consulting agencies such as It hires a well trained and knowledgeable team of QuickBooks ProAdvisors. They assure quick and complete support in the minimum wait time. Call to the toll free phone number Call QB Payroll Support 1844 827 3817 and garner the best QuickBooks support 24*7.

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