QuickBooks Payroll Error 2107

QuickBooks Payroll Error 2107 deals with payment of salary of the employees, more specifically with Direct Deposit option. This method of transfer is done by directly putting in the salary in the respective employees’ bank account.

QuickBooks Payroll came as a blessing in disguise for bookkeepers and accountants who had difficulty in handling the payroll system of their businesses. The software equips users with the power to manage all payroll tasks with zero mistakes. QuickBooks Payroll mechanically completes all functions with zero manual input. However, as the software is designed on codes it is quite possible to end up in issues. These errors interfere in the work flow of the payroll and put a stop to the work which leads to loss in the business.

One such error is 2107 that crops up while transferring salary of employees through Direct Deposit method. Due to this error salary of the employees get stuck which is another back step for the company.

When this error comes up you might view a similar kind of message enumerated below:

“Direct Deposit information is incomplete. Please contact your customer support representative at 844-827-3817 for assistance. [Message Code 2107]”

Numerical code 2107 represents the area of error that helps to narrow down the issue.

The certain assumption made is that you have employed active QuickBooks Payroll software with a subscription allowing for Direct Deposit method and is further trying to send the checks and salary.

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The error is quite complicated and need expertise provided by experienced technical personnel of Intuit. For this error you should contact the experts of Intuit immediately and relay them the issue with full disclosure. More information provided easier it will be to resolve the issue.


Once the issue is resolved you will be able to transfer Direct Deposit checks for your employees.

Need Professional Help?

At times while contacting the experts of Intuit you might face delay in getting connected due to long queue. In such scenario, if you are in urgency, you can alternatively call to 24/7 QuickBooks payroll support number at 📞+1-844-827-3817 to fix your errors.