QuickBooks Error 61102

What is QuickBooks Payroll Error 61102 & How to Fix It?

QuickBooks Payroll software has come as a blessing in disguise for accountants and bookkeepers as now they can tackle all payroll activities without much hassle. Furthermore, the mistakes made by manually inputting the data gets reduced as the process are completed and calculations are made mechanically, toning down the need of manual interference.

Considering the confidentiality and sensitivity of the information used in the payroll, mostly it is recommended to use pin or password in order to protect the data.

However, when you try to send your information forward to Intuit without providing suitable password or pin, you end up facing issue that is suffixed with error code – 61102. The issue can be resolved easily by resetting the pin and password for your payroll system and you can continue your work from the same place that you left it without any fuss.

Quick Step for Fix Error Code 61102 QuickBooks

  • Restart your QuickBooks and login to the system as Admin.
  • Select Employees option from the toolbar and then from the sub menu select Send Payroll Data tab.
  • In the new screen named Send / Receive Payroll Data click on the tab labeled Send.
  • You will view a new screen called Payroll Service in which you should select Forgot Your Pin? Button.
  • In this window, in the blank field against Password you should type in the Admin password.
  • Now click on OK button.
  • When asked for entering, type in a new password.
  • To finish the process click on Submit button.

This is just one method which if does not work; you can go for the next one in which you can send a New Pin Request by following particular steps as provided on the following link:

Need Professional Help?

Once you have sent in the request, you can connect with the customer care team of QuickBooks or Intuit and get your newly generated pin from them. This should resolve the Error 61102 completely and allow you to send payroll and direct deposit to your employee’s account. However, if you still face issue or are unable to get connected, you can also go for an alternative like QBPayrollHelp through their responsive QuickBooks Payroll Support toll free phone number at 📞+1-844-827-3817.

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  1. What do you mean by QuickBooks Payroll Error 61102?

    Payroll error 61102 is related to the confidentiality and sensitivity of the payroll information. When anyone uses the wrong password or pin while forwarding information then this error will pop up on the screen and frustrate.

  2. When the QuickBooks error 61102 happens?

    It usually occurs during the update process of the accounting software when users attempt to access information with an incorrect PIN and password.

  3. Why does the QuickBooks error message with 61102 appear on the screen?

    The QuickBooks error 61102 displays on the screen when the license file is found damaged during the update of the Accounting software. To tackle this issue it is highly recommended to use the correct password and pin while sending payroll information.


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