How Electronically Pay & File Taxes with QuickBooks Payroll?

QuickBooks Payroll Electronically TAX Pay & File

E-payment and E-filing of taxes is one of the most imperative functions of QuickBooks payroll software. This software, designed by Intuit, was incepted with the aim of assisting businesses in easy handling and management of payroll system which invariably connects with taxes…

Proper filing of tax papers with right documents and at correct time is of utmost importance as any irregularity can lead to imposing of fine. QuickBooks Payroll Software is adept in assisting businesses to e-file and e-pay taxes by setting up the required 940 & 941 / 944 schedules.

Basic Steps for E-Payment with QuickBooks Payroll

  • First register for EFTPS that will help you get 4 digit EFTPS pin number and Web password.
  • Now using this pin and password you can set up tax payment 940 and 941/ 944 via e-pay through QuickBooks.
  • The last step is to create and send e-payments – 940 and 941 / 944, through QuickBooks Payroll Software.

Setup of E-Pay for Federal 940, 941 / 944 via QuickBooks

  • QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Software (preferably Enhanced version).
  • Corresponding QuickBooks Desktop Software.
  • Latest Payroll Update.
  • Successful registration with EFTPS – 4 Digit Pin Number & Web Password.
  • Stable Internet Connection

Setup E-Payments for 940 and 941 / 944 through E-Pay

  • In your software go to Employees section and then click on Payroll Center.
  • In this new screen click on Pay Liabilities option and then select ‘Other Activities List’ from the bottom. Now select Change Payment Method option to open QuickBooks Payroll setup.
  • After clicking continue, highlight a tax payment schedule for either 940 or 941/944 and select Edit option.
  • Next select ‘Payment Method’ option as E-Pay (ensure that you have put in correct frequency for payment as well as payee).
  • Now click on Finish.
  • Next is to choose the bank account through which you pay and keep track of the tax payment under QuickBooks Desktop software. Click Edit.
  • Make the necessary changes and provide imperative information and then click on Finish. This will bring you back to QuickBooks Payroll Setup.
  • Click on Continue. Now you can view basic instructions to register to EFTPS. You can print this or straight away close the window.
  • Now go to bottom left of the window and click on Finish Later. This will result in easy payment of taxes through e-pay method to EFTPS that needs to be transitioned two business days before the due date.

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Need QB Experts Help in Electronically Pay & File Taxes with QuickBooks Payroll?

This should set up your E-pay method for tax filing and payment. In case you face any issue with the same you should connect with QuickBooks Payroll technical support team for instant gratification. If you are in urgency and not able to contact the support team instantly, you can try to get in touch with QBPayrollHelp for support through their Toll Free Number 📞+1-844-827-3817.


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