Damaged QuickBooks FCS Service

QuickBooks File Copy Service Damage Or Corrupted Issue

Resolve QB FCS Damages Isssue
QuickBooks has established its value by offering all necessary features Payroll, Tax filing, Merchant services, Marketing tools, Report generation, and more. In this article, we are going to discuss regarding the QuickBooks FCS service.

In some conditions, the user may face the error. This occurs when user is working on Payroll. One such error is QuickBooks FCS service is damaged. On the other hand, the user can contact our QuickBooks Payroll Support Team . This article offers a satisfactory solution to fix the “QuickBooks FCS service is damaged for Windows 10” issue.

Reasons behind the Intuit QB FCS service file is corrupt?

QuickBooks FCS service is damaged may happen due to the following reasons:

  • QuickBooks Payroll Doesn’t Update successfully
  • It may also arise while QuickBooks FCS fails to respond.
  • Due to Corrupted and damaged QuickBooks FCS

QBPayrollHelp starts a wide discussion over QuickBooks FCS Service Is Damaged Error 15243 issue and resolutions earlier.

How Do User Can Fix FCS Damages Problem QuickBooks

Resolution 1: Payroll Subscription Re-Validating:

  • Open QuickBooks Software
  • Choose the Employees tab and tick on My Payroll Service
  • Tick on the Account / Billing Information
  • Account Maintenance of QuickBooks Payroll page will be visible on the system
  • Tick on the Exit
  • The validation process will start now and complete the process
  • Try to update the QuickBooks or Payroll

Resolution 2: QuickBooks Repairing:

  • The customer needs to visit the Task manager and close all the running QuickBooks application
  • Choose the QuickBooks software and select the End Task option.
  • Restart the system and open QuickBooks.
  • Select the Uninstall/Change option.
  • Visit the QuickBooks Installation Window
  • Now click on the Next and click on Repair and tick on the Finish option
  • Now the user has to restart the computer
  • From the keyboard push on the Ctrl and R button at the similar time to open them and process the run command
  • Go into the text file and type msconfig and tick on Ok button
  • Tick on the tab General and select selective startup. Tick on the box next to Load system services and load the startup product.
  • Service tab needs to be opened and services need to be disabled
  • Now the user can checkmark on the ‘Hide all option of Microsoft services’.
  • Restart the system again and uninstall the clean installation. This is done to reinstall the software
  • The user can try to download the latest update in QuickBooks.

Resolution 3- Payroll Tax Table update

  1. Download the latest tax table
    1. In QuickBooks software
    2. Click on the Employees menu 
    3. Then choose the option Get Payroll Updates
    4. After that, click on the Checkbox Download the update
    5. You have to select the Download the latest update
    6. After the completion of the download, you get the successful or completion message.
  2. Now install this download of tax table
    1. Mention the Disk Delivery keys and the Service keys
      1. In case of no service key then use the automated tool o get the key
      2. Login to your QuickBooks account
      3. Go to the Employees menu
      4. Then click on the Payroll
      5. Now mention the payroll Service key
      6. On the other window of QuickBooks service sign up, click on the Add button
      7. Click on the Next button after providing the Service Key
      8. After that, provide the Desk Delivery Key and click on the Next button.
    2. You have to install the update of the tax table using the CD
      1. Firstly, insert the CD of Payroll update in your system
      2. Then in QuickBooks 
      3. Click on the Employees menu
      4. Further click on the Get Payroll Updates
      5. Then install the Update for disk
      6. In the end, click on the Install button
      7. The payroll tax tables are up to date now.

Get Support For QuickBooks FCS Service Is Disabled

Hopefully, the above steps will be helpful to remove the error. However, if none of the resolution steps work in solving the error, they can contact Our QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service team our toll-free number is 1844 827 3817 available 24*7. The user can also chat live with our support team experts through live chat support window available on our website.


1. Is there any error code that can be displayed for the FCS service damaged issue?

Yes, the error code 15243 can also be displayed if there is a problem with the QuickBooks FCS service. As the FCS is File Copy Service of QuickBooks. You have to enable it to get it resolved or many other solutions.

2. How can I enable the QuickBooks FCS service?

    1. In your system, open the RUN window 
    2. In this, write the COMPMGMT.MSC and after that hit on the OK button
    3. Click on the Services and Applications in the Computer Management Window
    4. After that, click on the Services option
    5. You have to search for the Intuit QuickBooks FCS and then double-click on it 
    6. Now click on the Startup type and in this select the Manual 
    7. In the end, click on the Apply and then click on the OK button.

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