Create Unlimited Paychecks with QuickBooks Payroll Software

paychecks with qb payroll software

QuickBooks Payroll software is a part of QuickBooks Suite package that basically consists of QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise edition along QuickBooks Accountant version. Considering the availability of basic accounting features in all you do not need to buy all three editions. Furthermore, QuickBooks Payroll software itself can be used with any QuickBooks edition or stand alone also as the main functions of the software are connected with bank accounts of the business.

QuickBooks payroll software was basically incorporated with the aim of easing the burden of bookkeepers and accountants in handling payroll tasks of the business including payment of salary to employees, filing of tax forms, payment of payroll taxes, payment through paychecks and direct deposits etc. With QuickBooks Payroll at hand you can create unlimited pay checks or stubs as per your need by following simple set of instructions.

Step to Creating Paychecks with QuickBooks Payroll

  1. Go to Employees tab on the left panel of the dashboard.
  2. Now highlight and select Run Payroll option.
  3. Decide on the pay schedule as per your preference.
  4. Next step is to select the employees you wish to pay. Ensure that the date and pay period for the check is correct.
  5. Now fill in the hours and respective amount to be paid to the employees.
  6. To continue you should select Preview Payroll or Save for Later option to the save the changes.
  7. Now select Submit option and then select Print Paycheck or Print Paystubs for printing before selecting Finish Payroll option.

Printing Paychecks and Paycheck Stubs with QuickBooks Payroll Software:

After creating paychecks you can print them easily through your software. Alternatively if you are employing use of Voucher checks, you can also print them as QuickBooks can easily print the details of the payroll in voucher area. Another method is to pay employees through Pay stubs.

To print a paycheck follow enumerated instructions:

  • Go to File Menu and choose Print Forms tab followed by Paychecks option.
  • Now the software showcases the selected paychecks in ‘Print Window’.
  • Next type in 301 in the space indicated for first check number field.
  • Now ensure that the employee names are check marked and then select OK tab.
  • Now click on Print option.

Creating and printing paychecks as well as paystubs is quite easy with QuickBooks software. However, if you still face any issue the best bet is to contact the customer support team of QuickBooks software or Intuit itself. At times due to long queue or technical representatives being busy with other customers you might face delay in getting quick help. If you are in urgency you can contact third party agency like QBPayrollHelp for instant rectification and help through their Toll Free QuickBooks Payroll support number 1-844-827-3817.

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