Create a Payroll Liability Check QuickBooks

How To Create Payroll Liability Check In QB

Genrate Liability Check QB Payroll QuickBooks’s Online Payroll System does not process the checks which are used to pay the non-tax liabilities. You cannot create or send payroll checks if they fall in this category unless you go to the check screen and create these payrolls from there.

If you do not know the process or need assistance with the same, just follow the guidelines provided below by the QBPayrollHelp help-team. We are going to help you out in creating a payroll liability check also you can check out how to create QuickBooks Payroll Liabilities Report in simple steps .

Requirement For Creating Payroll Liability Check

Description: The users are restricted in these and similar domains from creating a payroll liability check:

  1. Health Insurance Premiums,
  2. 401 (k) Contributions
  3. Child Support


Creating A Payroll Liability Check: We are going to show you how to create a payroll liability check and how to set up the transactions that are recurring:

Process For Generating Payroll Liability Check QuickBooks

  1. Creating A Liability Check:
    1. Go to the QuickBooks, click on the Plus Icon (+) situated at the top and then click
    2. Go to Bank Accounts drop-down and select the account that you are going to use to create the liability check.
    3. Go to the drop-down Choose A Payee and select the
    4. Now, go to the section named Account Details. Select the account that you are going to use to track the liability payments. Enter the amount there.
      In case you are unsure of which account to select, you need to go through these steps to validate the liability preferences you had set, or want to set:

      1. Go to the left menu and click on Workers.
      2. Click on the Employees tab and click Payroll Setup.
  • Go to the centre columns and click Accounting.
  1. Go to the Tax Liability Accounts, you should be able to see your Liability Preference.
  1. If you are using several accounts to pay for the different agencies, ensure that you have pointed to these accounts and mentioned amounts concerning these agencies.
  2. Fill the check completely the way you would normally fill, and hit save.

    How To Print Payroll Liability Check QB

    If you want to print the check, you have two options:
    Print Later: Put a check mark on the box in front of To Be Printed, if you are looking forward to generating the check now but printing it later. Also QuickBooks Payroll Liability Adjustment is not a simple process .
    Print Now: Click Print Check , if you are going to print the check right away. You will be redirected to the Print Checkup Setup screen. From there you can print the check the way you normally do.

  1. Setting for Recurring Transactions: To be sure that the liabilities are always paid routinely and without delay, we advise you to set up recurring transactions so that you would be reminded of when to make the payments. Follow the steps given below:
    1. Create the liability check first.
    2. In the end, click on Make Recurrning.
    3. Go to the Recurring Check section now:
      1. Give the template a name so that you would be reminded of what this liability check stands for.
      2. Click Reminder to set the template type.
  • Provide the number of days you would want to be reminded of the the payments.
  1. Fill in the apt interval for the transaction.
  2. Choose both Start and End Dates concerning the recurring check.
  3. Click Save Template.

Your problem should be resolved by following the steps provided above or contact our QBPayrollHelp team on Toll Free Phone: 1844 827 3817 . QuickBooks Payroll Support Number is available 24*7.


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