Comparison – Intuit Basic Payroll, Intuit Enhanced Payroll & Intuit Full Service Payroll

QB Payroll Differentiation

Intuit has come up with Payroll Services solution suite that is incepted to provide sophisticated payroll tools to accountant and bookkeepers of small and medium sized businesses. Simple tools that affect powerfully manage the payroll system of the organization with least number of errors. With these software in hand you can design, customize and print unlimited pay checks, file & pay payroll taxes on time electronically and avoid any brush with tax penalties.

Intuit Basic payroll

Intuit Basic Payroll was incepted with aim of providing bookkeepers and accountants a way to handle basic payroll activities like managing salaries and incentives of employees, time maintenance of the employees. The software itself performs all the calculations required which ensures that the end result is accurate without any manual interaction required. User can rely on the software to provide authentic calculations of the salary and incentives and later transfer them to employees through paychecks, pay cards or by Direct Deposit option. For calculation of the salary all the user has to do is fill in the number of hours worked by the employee. The best part is that this record of hours is also maintained by Intuit Basic Payroll.

The software is ingrained to follow proper procedure to maintain bonus, commissions, overtime and incentives of all employees in order to calculate the correct amount of salary that needs to be transferred to the account. The software will calculate the right amount of salary after adding incentive and deducting taxes. In the end all the user has to do is either print the pay checks, or pay via pay cards and Direct Deposit option.

Some of the advantages offered with the software are listed below:

  • Swift Connection with QuickBooks software
  • Pay Salary via Pay Checks, Pay Cards and Direct Deposits
  • Easy Management of Pay Checks – Only need to Enter Hours Worked.
  • Payroll Expertise at your Fingertips.

Intuit Enhanced Payroll

Intuit Enhanced Payroll is one step ahead of Intuit Basic Payroll. This software accords bookkeepers and accountants of small businesses with a crafty way of managing the organization’s payroll system and payroll taxes. Its sky rocketing popularity is a result of interactive dashboard along with easy to implement tools and powerful features. Apart from benefits same as Intuit Basic Payroll, the software provides further two benefits which are –

  • E-filing of W-2’s at the end of each year.
  • Also provides access to other imperative forms of payroll taxes.

Intuit Full Service Payroll

Full Service Payroll is by far the most advanced payroll software and is also amongst the most sought after one. Intuit has designed the software quite innovatively by combining the intuitive interface with powerful and innovative tools that can be easily used by both novice and professional payroll users. Swift navigation connecting different tabs and menu make for a lively and interacting experience for the user. Impeccable features accorded with Intuit Full Service Payroll apart from those mentioned with Intuit Basic and Enhanced Payroll Software:

  • Filing and payment is done by the Intuit payroll experts.
  • 100% assurity of zero fine and penalty of tax.
  • Payroll system is set up by the expert of Intuit.
  • Year end forms required to be filed are provided freely.

When compared, the popularity of Intuit Enhanced Payroll is much more than Basic and Full Service despite Full Service Payroll having maximum tools & features and Intuit Basic payroll being least priced of all three. All three software are designed keeping specific payroll requirement in mind and will suit accordingly only. If you have any issue with any of the software, you can contact the payroll experts of Intuit for QuickBooks Payroll support. Another option is, you can easily call to 1-844-827-3817 for hassle-free technical support.

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