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Most Common QuickBooks Payroll Errors

Common QB Payoll Error

QuickBooks Payroll Software was incepted with the aim of providing help to accountants and bookkeepers of small and medium sized businesses along with startups to handle all payroll tasks as well as other accounting activities without costing much. The software is designed with interactive interface and strong tools combined with easy to follow navigation through self explanatory tabs and as such accords even novice users an opportunity to use such a professional software without needing much technical knowledge.
As the software is designed using specific coding, it is quite common to get stuck. Despite such high sophistication, even QuickBooks Payroll software can end up causing issues in working properly. These issues can be caused due to mismatch of system requirement of the software with that of the operating system. Another reason for these errors could be corruption of registry file, missing files of the Windows system, improper installation of the software, files left behind while uninstalling the software. However, there are certain errors which are caused due to processes performed within the software itself. One such error is described below for your perusal.

Most Frequent QuickBooks Payroll Errors

Common Errors:

Clients Write Checks: Clients opt for writing checks or go through check register to pay their liabilities associated with payroll. This can cause issue while collaborating the payments made with that of the software.

Common Symptoms:

  • Liabilities of the payroll are much higher than thought.
  • Expenses incurred with Payroll tax are also higher.
  • Bank account balances seems to match.
  • Payroll tax returns prepared and filed showcases no balance pending and also no notice is also received for the same.

Payroll along with inventory system are two most imperative areas of the business wherein the clients generally do make mistakes and also the QuickBooks software does not give much leeway to hide these mistakes. These errors are generally direct result of improper management of processes which are handled on inconsistent basis.
This opens the doorway for many errors that are of similar nature such as ‘Pay Payroll Liabilities’ tool of the software is not used and in its place ‘Payroll tax payments’ option was opted via Write Checks tool or Enter Bill option. To resolve client has to first and foremost locate incorrectly paid Payroll liabilities.

Search for Payroll Liabilities Paid Improperly:

When you click on the same on ‘Client Data Review’ report, another report is generated similar to that of Sales Tax. This report consists of all the Check transactions done manually in QuickBooks and tagged along with a Payroll tax vendor. This trick helps to separate those transactions that the client did outside of Payroll liability Payment tool in QuickBooks which helps to make swift adjustment without much hassle.
This should resolve the issue swiftly as a proper adjustment has been made for the error. However, if you still face the problem you should immediately contact Intuit or QuickBooks payroll support number who can guide you through proper resolution of the issue without much delay. In case you are in hurry and unable to connect with them due to long queue you can opt to call QBPayrollHelp for proper gratification from the issue via 1-844-827-3817.

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